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The name is derived from the cashiln method of transporting matter through interconnected isho funnels in a closed isho field (warping through the sho-sen). But as the name cashilTEY suggests, this is a much more complicated and so far only theoretical isho interchange between two interconnected but separate isho fields, such as the isho fields of Sho-Caudal and Elysium.

In 3880 iscins Saara DharWinter and Gerrid Ben-Gomo of the New Ardoth Iscatta theoretically proved the possibility to transfer matter between two different isho fields. The theory is referred to as the DharWinter - Ben-Gomo Bridge Theory and and utilizes the powerful mobile isho bridges that link the planets Eden, Sho-Caudal and Elysium and their moons to each other.

Despite the extreme complexity in calculating the behaviour of two such interconnected, interdependant and interchanging isho fields, initial experiments have begun on Tharsis.

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