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Cleash Exodus

The Cleash Exodus is the commonly given name of the cleash flight from Sho-Caudal after their final defeat in 3733 PC. During the terrible Second Cleash Insurgence between 3727-3733 PC (A.k.a. the Cleash Plague Wars) the cleash hoarded much stolen ramian technology and human-shantic sho-technology. It is believed that this stolen technology together with enigmatic cleash technology kept hidden under the Ice Fields of Gilthaw enabled the cleash to repair ancient cleash ships kept in the preserving ice. Whether the cleash were ready or not isn't known, but twelve of their ships rose from the Ice Fields when the allied forces approached the subterranean fortress city of Mairricks. While four of the smoking ships exploded from the strain, the remaining eight reached orbit, carrying the oldest cleash generations out into the void.
Less than four years later the last cleash were killed and the race was declared extinct on Sho-Caudal.

Despite fears of orbital bombardment, the escaped cleash never retaliated. It wasn't until 27 years later in 3760 PC that traces of the cleash ships were found on the outer planet Atlantis. Two abandoned ships and countless cleash and scarmis drones were found in the icy waste amongst collapsed organic void colony buildings and slagpiles of mining waste. The official FSVC report is that the cleash had stopped at Atlantis to mine for water, precious metals and minerals before continuing out into the void....somewhere.

Countless rumours and wild theories abound to what really happened to the last cleash ships. Judging by the condition of the two abandoned ships on Atlantis the most likely fate of the cleash is a cold death in the vastness of the Void. Their ships were incapable of interstellar travel and no other trace of the cleash was ever found anywhere in the Sho system. But other popular worldweave myths exist, such as the cleash having colonized the dark oceans of Atlantis, the stormy atmosphere of Elysium or the Brent Asteroid Field. Other wild myths claim that the FSVC still hold the cleash captive and conduct foul experiments on them or that the cleash returned home to their or their lamorri allies' homeworlds in an interstellar mothership hidden in the Sho system.
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One of the crashed cleash ships on Atlantis









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