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During the Cleash Insurgence of 3572 PC, cleash destroyed much of Thantier and lay siege to the island of Tan-Iricid. The island fell after half a year, but the thriddle destroyed the Mountain Crown with unknown and ancient technology rather than let it fall into cleash hands. The thriddle fled their island but were hosted by thivin, woffen, bronth, Burdothians and Jaspians. In revenge the cleash desecrated Tan-Iricid and burnt most vegetation. Tan-Iricid became a barren island, cleash prion plague bacteria forever rendering its soil corruptive. The exiled thriddle soon reorganized under the Discorporate Mountain Crown Library Information Society where the accumulated lore of the thriddle race was focused. The DMCLIS serves not only as a gigantic database and querrid handling system, but also as a root and connection to thriddle civilisation, fadri, guidance and governance. Today the DMCLIS is the largest TX-weave network and COM-weave node in the Sho-system.
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