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Elysium Isho Bridges

A.k.a Low Resonance Isho Link or Higher Alpha Isho Interchange or Sushano tro-lii

Although the Shan had noted the exterior influence upon the Sho-caudal Isho Constellation (Sho-Caudal and its moons) in the form of so called background or Alpha isho currents, the true connection was not understood until 3756 PC. During this time FSVC explorers searched Elysium and its moons for any clues to the vanished cleash. Already initial research into Elysium's new and unknown powerful isho polarity revealed great surges flowing out in several umbilical isho strands towards Sho-Caudal and Eden. The new type of isho polarity was named tro-shal isho and the isho connections to the other planets was named the Elysium Isho Bridges.

Today, iscin know that the three planets are connected directly, or in great archs around Te Sunn by great isho bridges. They number 12 today, but this amount does not seem to be constant. Research indicates that isho bridges might merge, split or vanish over time. The isho bridges infleunce the sho-sen of Eden and Sho-Caudal and to some minor degree the sho-sen of Elysium. It creates the background low resonance alpha isho, which in turn subtly effects both the beta and gamma isho. Although the bridges were first believed to have a negligable effect upon Sho-Caudal, the recent catastrophic Tro-Shal isho poluttion of Sho-Caudal's is evidence of Elysium's sho-sen "topping up" Sho-Caudal's depleting isho field.

The isho interchange between the planets is not fully understood today and iscin among the FSVC, the Shan and the thriddle are eagerly trying to mathmatically decipher the enigma.
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