NAN Special: Origins Expedition

FSS Mayatrish

The FSS Mayatrish is certainly a marvel achievement of the Free States' scientific efforts and a symbol of unity, as well as a symbol of historic revelation and future hopes of the entire Sho System. Never has a void ship inspired so much excitement and anticipation as the FSS Mayatrish.

The ship is aptly named after the historic heroine which dared the terrors of the Sho-Caudal wilderness to unite two lost tribes of humans. But hers was not only a tale of adventure and daring, Mayatrish also united the two tribes by marriage, gave birth to a boccord and fought for his rights, for the first time successfully bridging the gap between humans and boccord in that long distant past. Hopefully the FSS Mayatrish will bridge the gap of history between the people of Sho-Caudal and the long lost human cousins of Earth - just as Mayatrish herself did three millenia ago.

FSS Mayatrish is the first interstellar void ship ever built and equipped with the latest sho-technology. Nasty critics even claim that the FSVC and its complicated corporate interests have turned the FSS Mayatrish to an experimental playground and elaborate showroom for the latest technology. Although the FSVC, the IVA and the Greater Hegemony all have extensive experience in intersystem ships and void colonization, the Deeper Void and the long transit period constitutes a much greater challenge to ship construction. As the total expedition time is estimated to approximately 12 years, the ship must have sufficient life sustaining resources and structural tolerance to withstand long-time wear and tear, solar winds, interstellar Third Particle radiation and isho leeching.

The ship is equipped with the latest shan constructed shoytons out of Galasti, providing the FSS Mayatrish with a computional capacity equal to a large FSVC city. Furthermore, as the FSVC is the system leader in applied isho interfacing to sho technology, the operational crew will consist of up to 50% muadra and shanta. As with most FSVC ships, all operation is done through sho-scopes for improved tra-sense (non shantic personnel) and weave interfaces, enabling faster and much more complicated operation and reaction time. Everything from life support systems, isho shields and propulsion drives to keeper rods, sensors, ship monitoring and communicaiton can be percieved directly and physically by the crew and operated with the subtlest hardware weaving.

        FSS Mayatrish in orbit around Gobey

FSS Mayatrish is equipped with the latest and most advanced exterior sensors out of the Greater Ramian Hegemony. NAN and the public have been given only the briefest insight into the controlled and secretive Void technology which was given as a gift to the FSVC by the enigmatic Void Fathers of the Void Hegemony.

But the true marvel of the FSS Mayatrish is the new Sho FTL drive which will deliver the ship to the Sol system in only five years. As is publically known, the FTL drive is based on complicated reverse engineering of the FTL drive of the derelict terran colony vessel "TSS Burundi" that was salvaged by ramian Void Mariners eight years ago. The ancient ship was abandoned in an in systemn orbit and the destiny of its crew is unknown. Most likely the crew joined the human survivors on Sho-Caudal, never suspecting that they would never return to their ship. Due to its deteriorated orbit, Void Mariners found far outside of the SHo System, in the Deep Void. The daring salvage mission took more than ten months and is a testamente to the dedication and prowess of the Void Mariners. Thanks to the tireless - and of course very secret - efforts of FSVC iscin, Shan DharSho Sholari, the thriddle of the DMCLIS and advanced Anasani sho-pysicists, the ancient secrets of the first human colony efforts were unlocked. Although the original terran FTL drive was based on volatile and quite unstable anti-matter technology, the new Sho drive is based on more stable and powerful re-polarized Tro-Shal isho.

Recent anonymous information leaks state that the new Sho drive is somehow linked to the new and experimental Cashiltey technology. Naturally, the FSVC adamantly denies that any cashiltey technology will be installed aboard the FSS Mayatrish.










View from observation deck


Ten Shovids from the newest production line of Class IV Shovids will be operational aboard the FSS Mayatrish. Manufactured in Aylon and programmed by the Ca-Gobey Shan of Thulashu. Their programming dedicates them to transit maintenance, repairs in hostile environments, exploration of dangerous environments and emergency retrieval of crew. Contrary to core-system Shovids which use replenishable Tro-Shal isho for energy, these Shovids will also run on conventional sklarrm energy, more suitable for Sol system exploration. Once again, critics raise concern about using Class IV Shovids after the assumed "Sentiency Incident" involving three Class III shovids which webweave conspirators claim took place on Tra in 3893.

The FSS Mayatrish will furthermore carry traditional and thoroughly tested technology in the form of Keeper Rods which will keep the majority of the crew and expedition personnel in stasis during the five year long crossing of the Deeper Void between the star systems. Keeper rod technology has evolved little over the past four millenia and is still the traditional shan way of preserving life for future generations to learn from. On the FSS Mayatrish the artificial sho-sen will prevent the Keeper Rods from Void Leeching and is, according to leading iscin on stasis, a much safer hibernation method than the crygenic method of the ancient terrans.




The new Class IV Shovid

Classic image of Sholari Nebbon in keeper rod at Thulashu.

Security personnel are part of the FSS and their equipment have been critized as being far too offensive. The FSVC has confirmed that weapons such as stone guns, dyshorra guns and the much feared Shaldorra guns can be accessed by bridge officers if a need for these would arise. Although not a warship and incapable of carrying out a void conflict, FSS Mayatrish is equipped with three shaldorra turrets for self defence and as possible deterrment. However, the FSVC strongly emphasises that the Origins Expedition is a peaceful expedition, whose primary purpose is purely scientific.

FSS Mayatrish is of course equipped with standard Gobeysha ship shields, Ebatta artificial gravity weavers, isho regenerators and artificial sho-sen generators, as well as top of the line waste recycling stations, Aylonian atmosphere scrubbers and advanced hydroponic farms to insure life support.

For Sol system exploration and Earth landing the trustworthy Aylonian "Bochigon" Type IX shuttle will be used. FSS Mayatrish carries two of these probably most widespread and used FSVCs shuttles. FSS Mayatrish also boasts ten lifeboats and more than twenty exploratory drones for Sol system exploration and mapping.




The Aylonia "Bochigon" Type IX shuttle

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Crew areas: bridge, engineering, gobeysha generators, FTL drive vault, sensor arrays, barracks, weapons locker, shovid charging and repair bays, shaldorra turrets
Mission specific: laboratories, briefing room, samples storage, drone storage and retrieval bays
Personnel areas: keeper rod stasis halls, sanitation, cabins, solar flare shield rooms, kitchen & mess, recreation rooms, training room, brigg, infirmary
Life support: Resource storage, circulatory systems, heating, ebbatta gravity weavers, hydroponics, waste recycling and atmosphere scrubbing stations, isho regeneration, artificial sho-sen generators
Other: lifeboats, landing shuttles, portable habitat modules, emergency relay buoys, EVA suits, Tro-Shal suits (sho-sen environment suits)

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