NAN Exclusive: The Road to Present Day Sho-Technology

By Iscin Sassia DharPella

As the free people of Sho-Caudal press on steadily towards a new century, one cannot neglect to marvel at the technological wonders of our time. Nearly inexhaustible Tro-Shal isho, integrated shoytons, near sentient shovids, personal gobeyshas, sho-implants, DIOs, surface to orbit cashiln gates, void vessels and void colonies. Last, but not least interstellar travel to humanity’s long lost birthplace through a sho FTLdrive.

But a palace is not built upon only one stone. It is easy to forget the millennia of slow progress that came before the latest explosive leaps in technology. The foundation of modern technology is the early ish-ei technology (vulgarly known as Shantic Technology). The first humble phases of this very long era were careful and often religious experimentation and training in weaving the isho into various functional purposes, monitoring the sho-sen and mapping the isho interchange between various substances. It later led to greater technical achievements such as portals, elevators, cle-eshtas and various specialised crystals – keeper rods being the most impressive of these. Through later centuries of strife and as means for survival, the advances in ish-ei technology enabled the creation of powerful artefacts such as cashiln rooms, destittas, crundorras, thosks and evids.

When humans came to Sho-Caudal they brought with them a technology which wasn’t based on isho. It was as incomprehensible to the Shan as the isho was to the humans. Sadly, fear and prejudice gave the two great civilisations no time to learn from each other and grow. Not until the 36th century did these two technologies merge.

In the 35th century great caches of long ago preserved and forgotten terran technology had resurfaced (vulgarly still known as Dharsage Silver). Sadly, these treasures had been found by primitive cultures which subjected them to often violent use against each other. Other seemingly unimportant artefacts and storage of knowledge had been neglected or even thrown away. Furthermore, during the Lisho-Shafra (Second Human-Shantic conflict) much terran technology was targeted and destroyed by the Shan. This resulted in far too few artefacts surviving to the more mature civilisations which followed. Therefore, the much expected era of reverse engineering of terran technology never took place.
Instead it was an unorthodox and ingenious merging of ish-ei and Dharsage Silver that advented the new era. It became known as Hybrid Technology and it took a great leap at the beginning of the 36th century and played a key role in the Lisho-Shafra conflict - in truth stalemating it.
But despite the bitter conflict, the hybrid technology actually helped unite the humans and shan - unwillingly at first – as iscin and shantic sholari were drawn and fascinated by the new blend of technology that bridged the gap between them.

The following Cleash Insurgence put the hybrid technology to the test and some of the Shan overcame their internal strife and embraced the hybrid technology, taking it to new heights with their expert insight into ish-ei technology.
Later re-discovered caches of terran technology in Anasan enabled more thorough research by iscin of that age, vitalizing hybrid technology further.

Two ramian World Wars dominated the 37th century and the new, enigmatic sklarrm energy revelations were added to the hybrid technology which took an even more martial appearance. Because one must not forget that humans and shan were not the only people to advance technologically. The other two fraction were the cleash (whose scary and deadly biological technology still is banned from meddling research) and the ramian. Ramian technology made strange leaps during the Dark Years of the 37th century. The first invaders of Sho-Caudal – the lamorri - are sometimes mentioned in this context and the ramian seem to have based some of their technology on bits and pieces of the technology their masters left behind. In truth, the lamorri evidently managed to traverse the void in order to invade Sho-Caudal. But despite the technological mappings of the reincarnated lamorri avatar Kaurr in the 37th century, still very little is understood of the enigmatic technological fragments the lamorri left behind. In truth the technological advancements must instead be credited the ramian themselves.

Then, through the tireless efforts of the Shan, the World Weavers and the thriddle, hybrid technology took a great leap at the turn of the 38th century – evolving into what we today call Sho-technology.
But sadly the 38th century held no respite or longer period of peaceful prosperity. The century began with the second cleash insurgence and the terrible Plague Wars that heavily decimated all races. But as the cleash fled Sho-Caudal and the FSVC space program was has hastily initiated, sho technology was forced to explore its limits and progressed daily. In fear of cleash retaliation, orbital satellites were refined, void stations hastily built and Sho system exploration began. The technological breakthrough came with the understanding of the Elysium Isho Bridges  (A.k.a. the Higher Alpha Isho Interchange or Sushano tro-lii) and the exploration of Elysium itself. Suddenly it became clear to everyone that Sho-Caudal was only a medium player of a powerful trinity, where the gas planet Elysium heavily dominated the complex relationship. Like great arms or tendrils throughthe Void, Elysium reached out to Sho-Caudal and Eden with their identical crystalline composites. Along these bridges great interchange of isho took place. This interchange was very complex and varied greatly in its polarity influence depending on position of the planets in relationship to each other and Te Sunn around which they all orbit. The Sho-sen of especially Sho-Caudal and Eden were greatly dependant on the exchange from Elysium. Alpha isho surge patterns were finally understood. A new type of powerful isho was furthermore found locked in the crystal deposits of Elysium’s moons which was given the name Tro-Shal due to its structural similarity with Shal isho. Tro-Shal isho was later stabilized and even refined from Elysium itself. Within a decade, Tro-Shal isho become the near inexhaustible miracle energy source which would power Sho-Caudal’s latest technological evolution.
Cashiln Devices (vulgarly known as Warp Devices) became available to all and everyone, creating a dynamic network of freight and personal transportation – both on Sho-Caudal and from surface to orbital Void stations. Gobeyshas – personal isho shields had been refined to such a degree that construction accidents were as good as eliminated in the developed realms. Sho sensors and later sho implants opened the door to the isho world and sho-sen for everyone. Void vessels and void stations became faster and more reliable and colonies could run on Tro-Shal isho with artificial gravity and sho-sen.

Towards the end of the 38th century, the ramian and the Iron Empire took their steps out into the Void.
The ramian treated their exploratory endeavour with religious and mysterious zeal. They have always seen it as their destiny to explore the Black Sea and their brave Void Mariners always pushed the limits and went the furthest. None but the ramian could stand the extreme isolation of their long and lonely explorations and postings in remote parts of the Sho system. None are really sure how far the ramian have travelled and rumours abound of ramian void vessels slowly making their way out to distant stars. During their exploration the ramian have made great contributions to science with their Troveel (Rorch-ko: “Gorrock”) ray emission discoveries - enabling faster than light communication, superior sensor technology and superior life support systems. Throughout the enigmatic Void Hegemony, the ramian use their arcane technology, such as the semi-organic Skrorr computers known for their self-repairing features, reliability and endurance in harsh environments, and the Crey-Tchok. The latter a well-known but strange, artificial, tortured communication device-being used by the ramian Void Mariners. Like much of the Void Hegemony technology, these devices rely on the natural ramian empathic interface, making them impossible to use by non-ramian.
The Void ships of the Iron Empire began to compete with the FSVC during this time. For every colony, outpost or void station the FSVC established throughout the Sho system, the Empire would build one of their own to cement their joined claims to the system resource. This race took a great toll on the Iron Empire which bent all of its resources - and those of its allied Duchies – to rise as a mighty space faring super power.
But despite mysticism, secrecy and rivalry, the technology referred to as sho-technology flourished during the first half of the 39th century.

But there are of course darker sides to any great technological advancement which must never be forgotten. Today we have a strict regulation and supervision of the sho-sen through the Shan Sho-Sen Wardens. But it was not always this way. Personal, military, commercial and industrial use of cashiln devices finally took its toll on the sho-sen in the early 39th century. Unregulated use of this technology together with sho-sen transmitted communications, isho dependant weapons of war, environment stabilizers and isho repulsor vehicles (vulgarly still called crystal schooners or “c-flys”) disturbed or weakened the sho-sen to such a degree that serious effects were noticed. Plants and animals suffered, died and became extinct - the mighty and symbolic corondon among the first. Isho storms raged uncontrollable (the most notorious being the still permanent isho storm over the Jaspian Sea). Sudden, local vacuums in the sho-sen causing the new alpha depletion anomaly (vulgar: “isho leeching”) with sickness and even death in isho harmonics as a result. Last, but not least, the misuse advented the pulse disturbance cycles we still suffer from today, as isho bridges from Elysium tried to compensate for the depleted isho on Sho-Caudal, causing alpha isho current drifts with volcanic isho pumping and local weave flaring as results. Strange Tro-Shal “pollution” of Sho-Caudal’s sho-sen is also a new concern to modern iscin.

During and after the two Iron Curtain Conflicts in the latter half of the 39th century the sho technology diversified as Iron Empire technology based on reversed engineered terran technology merged with stolen sho-technology for a desperate Imperial bid for power. The advanced tenkton destroyers and the terrible Shyee Bombs are sadly amongst the most well-known technological achievements of the Empire. Although science seemed to progress rapidly during the Iron Empire’s rise, regression was in reality the truth, due to the large scale destruction throughout Sho-Caudal and the Sho system colonies during the Second Iron Curtain Conflict.

Today we like to think that the Thulashu Sho-Sen Preservation Agreement of 3822, the creation of the Sho-sen Wardens and the breaking of the Iron Empire saved the day. But the Iron Empire and its allied Duchies never signed the agreement and continue to use the sho-sen as they see fit. Evolving smaller states feel that they have a right to reach the same stages of development as their more powerful neighbours, without restriction in sho-technology use. Furthermore, the FSVC is each year blamed for more and more transgressions of the agreement, angering the primarily Ca-Desti Sho-Sen Wardens.

But the future nonetheless looks bright. The moons continue to shine down upon Sho-Caudal’s best iscin. The last few years, sho-technology has taken further great steps, as cashiltey devices offer the promise of cashiln gates along the Elysium Isho Bridge, enabling instant travel between the colonies. The latest breakthroughs in xeno-biology and genetics due to the extensive studies of the strange Elysium lifeforms have opened doors to advances in DharLearsi.
But most importantly, the new sho FTL drive, which opens the door to interstellar travel, provides promise of great exploration of our neighbouring star systems and the re-discovery of humanity’s long lost home.

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