NAN Special: Origins Expedition

Crew Dossier

The 105 members of the Origins Expedition are selected citizens of the Free States (Jaspian Conglomerate, New Carrissey, The Buridoth Union, United Dobren States, United Human Collective and the six Allied Shan Sects) and invited members of other neutral states disitributed as follows:

Although invited, no Void Mariners of the Greater Ramian Hegemony will participate in the expedition. The traditionalistic Tirtive of Voligire and the enigmatic Void Fathers have still not made any official statement explaining the reason for this decision.
Finally, as is well known, the absence of Iron Empire citizens in the expedition is an inflamed political subject.

Key Expedition Members:

   5   Expedition Kimmits
   5   Administrative personnel
   25 FSS Mayatrish Crew
   25 Security personnel
   45 Expedition Specialists and their assistants

Racial composition:
39 humans, 30 muadra, 17 boccord, 8 shanta, 11 thriddle

Lystra Jomara Q'ell

Rank: Lystra, Expedition Commander

Nationality: UDS (United Dobren States)

Race: Human

Age: 54

Jomara has been heralded as the perfect Lystra for the Origins Expedition by press, politicians and the scientific cadre alike. After her successful setup of the disaster struck Shandane colony on Eden, she has held several colonial Lystra postings before returning to Sho-Caudal to serve as the first human UDS (United Dobren States) ambassador in New Ardoth. Jomara is notoriously strict in her governance with a keen sense of detail and planning. The Shan Dhar Eelshon and the DMCLIS were adamant in their efforts to appoint Jomara, maybe because of her lack of political ties to the other human governed Free States.


Kimmit Zebilon Jurah

Rank: Kimmit member

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Ardia

Race: Human

Age: 63

The most distinguished and influential of the four kimmits appointed to advise Lystra Jomara. It was an initial surprise that the social corondon Zebilon was not appointed the Lystra of the expedition based on his experience and political prowess. But the choice of Lystra Jomara soon shed any doubts on the selection. Zebilon has a military background and served in the second Iron Curtain Conflict. His most recent postings have been on Ebba and as Chell of New Ardoth.


Ellishondu Torasha Do-Bindu

Rank: Kimmit member, Ellishondu

Nationality: Shan, Ca-Shal?

Race: Shan

Age: Unknown

Very little is known about the Ellishondu accompanying the Origins Expedition, not even the historicial period in which the Ellishondu was born or even last active. The Shan Dhar Eelshon and FSVC Mission Kim refuses to reveal any details apart from the fact that the Ellishondu is a Protector of the Way of Life and holds final ethical veto in any expedition matters.


Kimmit Jassica Norell

Rank: Kimmit member

Nationality: Jaspian Conglomerate

Race: Muadra

Age: 59

After having served most of her adult life in the Council of Servants, Jassica was elevated to the status of DharKimmit in the Upper House at the age of 31. Despite splendid chances to fulfill her political career and move to the upper echelons of the powerful Jaspian Conglomerate, Jassica has remained in the Council of Servants. Maybe because of her loyalty to the Jaspian people and her being a fresh counter-balance to the financial interests of the powerful state-funding Jaspian Conglomerate, Jassica was early nominated as Kimmit to the Origins Expedition.


Kimmit Kassian Vhuranis

Rank: Kimmit member

Nationality: New Carrissey

Race: Boccord

Age: 53

Kassian is a pure born politician of much renown in his home country of New Carrissey. Having studied finance and politics at the Khudran DharIscatta, Kassian quickly earned a name for himself as New Carrissey's Strong Man in the Dau-uh-deh Border Conflict. Kassian is described as a political idealist by some, while others question his more unknown ties to the powerful Klade Corporations of New Carrissey and Buridoth.


Captain Sordon D'Serris

Rank: Crew, Captain - 1st officer of the FSS Mayatrish

Nationality: New Carrissey

Race: Human

Age: 79

Sordon is the FSVC's best captain with more than 30 years of practical experience in commanding Void Vessels. Sordon was decorated with a Tra-Rinis for his tactical prowess in the battle of Elysium's Moons during the Second Iron Curtain Conflict. For his fast and accurate split-second decisions, surgical strikes and strict discipline, Sordon has earned the nickname "The Suviir". Having undergone more than four adolescent cellular rejuvenation procedures, Sordon's age and health has been a heated media discussion.


Commander Kundar To-Tey

Rank: Crew, Commander - 2nd officer of the FSS Mayatrish

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Sobaya (Tharsis Colony)

Race: Muadra

Age: 48

As a contrast to the stern leadership of Captain Sordon, Commander Kundar To-Tey has a reputation as hot headed but crew inspiring officer. He distinguished himself against the Elysium pirates during the raid on the Karpella colony on Elysium's moon Jacta, and was decorated with a Tra-Rinis. The Tharsis born Commander Kundar has served the FSVC his entire life and has even stated that Sho-Caudal "is a far too hot, suffocating and crushing place" for him now. Not even participating in the official appointment ceremony, Commander Kundar seems reluctant to leave the Void.


Lieutenant-Commander Amina Turashell

Rank: Crew, Lieutenant-Commander - 3rd officer of the FSS Mayatrish

Nationality: Jaspian Conglomerate

Race: Muadra

Age: 38

Amina was born on Ebba and has served the Jaspian Conglomerate since she was 6. Her skills as a pilot and later as a commanding officer has been significantly utilised in the Jaspian colonisation efforts. It is said that there is no place in the Sho system Amina hasn't visited or trafficked. Amina is known among her crews for her excellent Sho weaving skills and in depth technical knowledge of her vessels - which is unusual for officers.


Sholari Loshuna Cie-Ebba

Rank: Crew, Dhar Sho-Technician

Nationality: Shan, Cie-Ebba

Race: Shan

Age: 74

The experienced Sholari from Meg-Aleisha was appointed Dhar Sho-Technician for her vast experience in Void applied Sho-tech systems and Shovid programming. Serving for the first decades of her adolescence as a Cie-Ebba priestess, Loshuna then went on to study Sho-tech under the guidance of the famous Samasho Do-Desti of Galasti. Loshuna will oversee the sho-technicians of the crew and is responsible for the shovids of FSS Mayatrish.


Ketierre Tarrad

Rank: Crew, Security Officer

Nationality: Rossian

Race: Boccord

Age: 47

The appointment of the experienced Rossian mercenary rough-boy was a surprise and much disputed by the members of the Free States. Despite rumours of war crimes in the bitter Rossian – Lantia conflict, Ketierre was recommended by the Shan Dhar Eelshon. Ketierre and his men will be responsible for internal security as well as protecting the expedition members from any exterior threats.


Nimmanda Turell

Rank: Crew, Primary Shuttle Pilot

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Sobaya (Ebba Colony)

Race: Muadra

Age: 30

Nimmanda was born in the Buridothian "Dhardrenn" Ebba colony during the last and desperate years of the Second Iron Curtain Conflict. At the age of 1 she lost her parents and older siblings after an Iron Empire dome breach and was raised as one of the FSVC Orphan Cadets. Before her pilot training, Nimmanda first served as a dome security officer and was renown for her martial aptitude. Skilful and careful, she is an example of FSVC discipline and training.



Khuran Kebeshane

Rank: Crew, Secondary Shuttle Pilot

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Koisia

Race: Human

Age: 32

Khuran trained at the Koisian airbase of Simmir, serving in the Buridoth Union Air Force. After a brief period as a civilian test pilot for the new Crill Fighter Craft, Khuran was enlisted in the FSVC and began flying shuttles and Void Fighters. He has twice been reprimanded for recklessness and nasty tongues claim that he was selected for the Origins Expedition thanks to his rich and influential family.


Chief Navigator Janis Shaleesa

Rank: Crew, Chief Navigator and Sho Communications Officer

Nationality: UHC (United Human Collective)

Race: Muadra


Janis is a Sho-Copra Shal caji of Sillipus. Known for her muadra elitist statements early in her career, Janis seems to have calmed down since she joined the FSVC some ten years ago. She has been described as a true sholari when it comes to navigation and sho communication technologies, rivalling the skills of shantic sho-technicians. Janis was one of the few survivors of the catastrophic Scylla Expedition in 3892 PC. The condition of her replacement sho-tech implants while in long term Keeper Rod stasis in the isho void have been a source of media discussion over the past year.


Chief Engineer Junas Jhay

Rank: Crew, Chief Engineer

Nationality: Jaspian Conglomerate

Race: Human

Age: 33

Little is known about Junas apart from his service record with the SFVC. He has consistently shied away from any public exposure apart from the mandatory press conferences of the FSVC, The reclusive Chief Engineer was born in Aylon but early migrated with his family to the Elysium Lunar colony on Tharsis. His service record with the FSVC begins with him enlisting in the engineering corps at the age of 19. Since then his service record has been spotless and Junas is described as a technical genius despite his young age. His experience and knowledge in spaceship sho-drives is said to be "unparalleled".


Dayvid Tomell

Rank: Crew, Excursion Specialist

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Ardia

Race: Human

Age: 39

When they say adventure runs in the blood, they are not wrong about Dayvid Tomell. Stemming from the Tomell family of famous merchants, explorers and adventurers, Dayvid already had staggering experience in exploration in unusual environments before being selected for the Origins Expedition. Having participated in the South Polar Deepdive expedition, and the Mairricks Cave exploration in Gilthaw, Dayvid successfully led two expeditions to Juspa, one of Stygias dangerous nightside orbit-locked moons. After this he served the Greater Ramian Hegemony for six years and sailed with solitary Void Mariners to Scylla's Necklace and far beyond.


DharIscin Sandor Ku'vatta

Rank: Specialist, DharIscin of history

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Yorkia

Race: Boccord

Age: 72

Sandor is regarded as one of the greatest historians specialised in Earth and Colonial history. Needless to say his and his assistants' knowledge of the ancient cradle of humanity will be of great benefit to the Origins Expedition. Sandor is a proud product of the Yirga Iscatta and most famous for his in depth knowledge and cataloguing of surviving Colony Era artefacts. Sandor recently earned himself an old-timer media image when using the quaint old expression "Dharsage Silver" when referring to Colony Era artefacts. "The past has always served me better than the future" is a well-known statement of the DharIscin.


DharLearsis Tarrip Vashunnil

Rank: Specialist, DharLearsis

Nationality: UHC (United Human Collective)

Race: Muadra

Age: 38

Tarrip is a Dharcopra Launtra Caji of the UHC extraordinarily attuned to Launtra fields. Tarrip is also a DharLearsis at the Tlon DharIscatta, with specialisations in terran genetics and Void Exposures of Isho Harmonics. Tarrip's main objective will be to monitor the physical health of the expedition members during transit and at arrival to the Sol system. Especially the Shan and muadra crew will be monitored closely as these are subjected to the greatest risk during their long term exposure to the Isho Void. Tarrip was one of the few experts that cleared Iscin Yudruh Hoobah for the Keeper Rod stasis, despite other leading expert studies, which proved Void effected Keeper Rod stasis would be harmful to bronth physiology.


DharIscin Turagos Jensom

Rank: Specialist, DharIscin of Anthropology

Nationality: Jaspian Conglomerate

Race: Human

Age: 41

Turagos Jensom is said to have an uncanny aptitude in understanding the races of Sho-Caudal and the complex cultural structures within these. Although not an entris his knowledge of languages is surpassed only by thriddle entris. A DharIscin of the Yasa DharIscatta, Turagos spends most of his time in field studies, having lived with feral croid, scarmis hives and been allowed to live with and study the protected ramian Zhon caste. Turagos spent the last five years prior to his nomination for the Origins Expedition within the silent and anthropologically secretive Greater Ramian Hegemony where he has won the utmost respect among the ramian castes. Turagos experience in unusual civilisations and his ability to chart and understand cultural distinctions will be paramount to the Origins Expedition should there be any first contact with Earhborn humans.


DharIscin Markiss Kanter

Rank: Specialist, DharIscin of Sho-Physics

Nationality: Anasani, Till'mir Family Corporation

Race: Human

Age: 39

Stemming from anonymous parents, as is the Anasani Corporate Family tradition, Markiss was groomed from childhood at the J’hamal Klade to become one of the foremost tools of the powerful Till’mir Thivin Family. Markiss advanced rapidly through the ranks of the Family Corporation thanks to his great intellect and often innovative and original breakthroughs in sho-physics. Although Anasan is not part of the FSVC, Markiss was selected as he was one of the great minds of the TSS Burundi Reverse Engineering project which birthed the Origins Expedition Sho FTL Drive.


DharEntris Norid Goto-Alor

Rank: Specialist, DharEntris

Nationality: DMCLIS (Discorporate Mountain Crown Library Information Society)

Race: Thriddle

Age: 82

The esteemed DharEntris of the Caraday DharIscatta was appointed the DharEntris of the Origins Expedition after a gruelling selection process within the DMCLIS which reutedly drove several of the competition into psychological rehabilitation. Norid is the DMCLIS finest DharEntris with an unparalleled talent to analysing and learning new languages which naturally will be of utmost importance if the Origins Expedition establishes first contact with Earthborn humans. Norid is an expert speaker and Grade XI Analyst of Colonial Entris, whose roots could well be the common base for any survining human languages on Earth.


DharIscin Nimisia DharWinter

Rank: Specialist, DharIscin of Psychology

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Ardia

Race: Human

Age: 53

Nimisia stems from the influential DharWinter family of New Ardoth and is the daughter of the popular Chell Royber DharWinter whom served his term of office during the Second Iron Curtain Conflict. Being one of the New Ardoth DharIscattas best minds, she will naturally be an important asset to Turagos Jensom in any evaluation of first contacts with native humans of Earth. But apart from this task, Nimisia's duty is to monitor the mental health of the Origins Expedition members. Being one of the primary experts on Void Stress Syndrome within the FSVC, she and DharLearsis Tarrip have a great responsibility.


DharIscin Yorin Meritz

Rank: Specialist, DharIscin of Xenobiology.

Nationality: New Carrissey

Race: Human

Age: 43

Yorin is DharIscin of biology, specialised in the arcane study of xenomorpic lifeforms and famous for his breakthrough in mapping the high density cellular structure of the Simirrian floaters of Elysium's upper atmosphere. Yorin is also an expert in genetic mapping of terran lifeforms and one of the best suited Iscins of Sho-Caudal to meet the challenges of mapping Earth lifeforms encountered - however alien they might be. Yorin was born in Draktan, but defected to Buridoth with his older sister just before the Second Iron Curtain Conflict after their parents had been executed as Imperial Shissics. Yorin has attracted much media attention within and without the Iron Empire for his anit-Imperial statements. It is clear that the FSVC have tried to put a lid on Yorin's open hatred of the Iron Empire.


DharIscin Mikos Verell

Rank: Specialist, DharIscin of Astronomy

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Sychillia

Race: Human

Age: 51

Mikos has declared himself to be a hopeless romantic. He has dreamt of the stars his entire life and devoted most of it to pry the secrets of the Void from its cold clutches. He has studied the Deep Void at the Helkos Observatory and is an honoured Gorochka of the Greater Ramian Hegemony, having travelled far outside the Sho System with Hegemony Void Mariners. One of Mikos' many specialities is his expertise in the Scylla's Necklace anomaly, unsurpassed by none than the ramian Gorochkas. Mikos' and his team have studied the unending stream of Sho-scope images of the remote Sol system in order to prepare the expedition what to expect of the conditions of distant Earth.


DharIscin Torrid Ho-Tomo

Rank: Specialist, DharIscin of Advanced Thriddle and Sho-Mathematics

Nationality: DMCLIS (Discorporate Mountain Crown Library Information Society)

Race: Thriddle

Age: 71

Torrid is one of Sho-Caudal's leading mathematicians, having served as a fadri for the last four decades at the famour Yetharca Iscatta in New Ardoth, the expedition training will be kees first trip into the Void. Torrid's calculations were paramount to the theoretical evaluation of the first experimental FTL sho-drive. Torrid is also the apprentice to the famous Gerrid Ben-Gomo whom together with Iscin Saara DharWinter proved the DharWinter - Ben-Gomo bridge theory opening the door to planetary in-system cashiln technology.


DharIscin Geros Teppler

Rank: Specialist, DharIscin of Chemistry

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Gaussia

Race: Boccord

Age: 49

Geros' tragic history has sadly been flaunted system-wide by the press the last year, the tragic death of his spouse and children now well known to the entire Sho System. But despite the tragedies of Geros' past, he remains a firm believer in the Origins Expeditions goals and has passed all psychological stress tests. In an interview with NAN, Geros stated "The Origins Expedition and its members are my family now. They are my sole purpose and have my full attention." Geros is a DharIscinm of the modest Salam'arine DharIscatta, but has worked with the FSVC for the last fifteen years. His expertise will be paramount in determining the chemical condition and dangers of Earth.


Iscin Shayne Toshkin

Rank: Specialist, Iscin of Geology

Nationality: Buridoth Union, Sychillia

Race: Human

Age 26

Still pending his first adolescent cellular rejuvenation, Shayne is the youngest specialist of the Origins Expedition, replacing Iscin Yudruh Hoobah of Tlon DharIscatta due to racial medical reasons. With less than a month to prepare for the departure, young Shayne has adopted well. The Klade-raised Shayne was educated at the New Ardoth DharIscatta when his talent for classical studies was revealed. He was later transferred to the Neviel Iscatta on Elysium's moon Tharsis. Shayne was despite his age heavily recommended for the expedition because of his experience in Void Geology and his thesis on non-crystalline planetoids, which is crucial for the very different Sol system.


Shovids M1-M10

Rank: None, component part of FSS Mayatrish

Nationality: None, FSVC asset

Race: Class IV Shovid (sho-tech evid construct)

The ten Shovids designated for the Origins Expedition are from the newest production line of Class IV Shovids. Manufactured in Aylon and programmed by the Ca-Gobey Shan of Thulashu. Their programming dedicates them to transit maintenance, repairs in hostile environments, exploration of dangerous environments and emergency retrieval of crew. Contrary to core-system Shovids which use replenishable Tro-Shal isho for energy, these Shovids will also run on conventional sklarrm energy, more suitable for Sol system exploration.


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