NAN Exclusive: Fadri Doo'rah Buhr looks back on our modern history

Our modern era is often defined as the period beginning with the forming of the Free States in 3667 PC, when six of the Shan sects and the northern human and Dobren states formed an alliance. But this is incorrect. The technological leaps that were made before then are truly significant and the breakthrough came with the re-discovery of the ancient so-called Dharsage Silver caches. These ancient and poorly understood artefacts were first documented in 3437 PC with the arrival of the Sallecia to the besieged city of Ardoth, a salu chausis from Tan-Iricid bearing mysterious weapons of Dharsage silver from a cache site the thriddle secretly had found. With human genes activating the long dormant artefacts, Khodre Allonkarb, the Dharsage of that time, forever remembered in history, could drive the invading crugar from Ardoth's city walls. He did not rerst there, but drove the crugar back all the way to Temauntro and launched the terrible Energy Weapons War which resulted in the founding of a great realm based on the poorly understood power of the ancients. The events from that time, linked to the human ancestors ancient legacy, eventually led up to the breakthroughs in Sho-tech, which in turn led to the reverse engineering of the Sho-drive and the history-revolving Origins Expedition.
Below follows a chronological view of these linked and very important events that define the true modern era:  

3437 PC         
The Sallecia, a salu chausis from Tan-Iricid, arrives in Ardoth Bay bearing energy weapons from secret Earth-tec cache site. Humans drive crugar from Ardoth's city walls and start north/south expulsion of crugar, north through Lusail and south through the Sobayid. The dharsage quickly conquers the provinces of Lusail and Sobayid. Gauss and Essanja swear fealty to the dharsage.

3438-3445 PC
The Energy Weapons War. The dharsage drives the crugar back to Temauntro and assumes control of liberated Carrissey, renaming it Khodre. Upon his much later return to Burdoth Khodre begins his conquest of Heridoth. But with the waning power resources his Dharsage Silver begins to fail. Dobrens legions try to intervene but are slaughtered, angering the entire Dobren realm who launches an invasion armada.

3442 PC         
Thriddle discover three caches of Earth-tec which they do not report to Dharsage Khodre Allonkarb.

3445 PC         
With depleted energy weapons Dharsage Khodre Allonkarb is forced into the Klein-Khodre Accord which ends the Energy Weapons War and places all foreign political decisions in the hands of the Council of Ten representatives from the races affected by the war.

3453 PC         
Thriddle reveal discovery of new energy weapon cache (actually one of the ones they knew of in 3442) and are expelled from Ardoth. A much greater amount of earth-tec flows into the hands of the Burdothian ruling class. An institution is setup to study and preserve the ancient knowledge and provide understanding about the artefacts. Its efforts are poor at best.

3454 PC         
Thantier's spy network in Burdoth and Tan-Iricid enables the Thankrani to beat the Burdothians to a newly discovered Earth-Tec cache. This cache, along with ancient historical details forgotten in old Thanterian libraries, lead to the discovery of the Survivor Network and the Advisor Network and ultimately to more Earth-Tec chaches. With the vast supplies of new-found Earth-Tec, Thantier becomes a rival nation to Burdoth. A cold war of sorts starts between Thantier and Burdoth.

3482 PC         
Dharsage Khodre Dhardrenn uncovers working Earth-tec starcraft.  It is mistakenly brought to Ardoth and displayed for one evening before it is removed to a secret fortress skyrealm (the Shendarri Skyrealm) where Dhardrenn kept his Earth-tec storage and development teams.

3491 PC         
The ancient message “Jason’s Will” is discovered in an earth-tec cache by Thanterians. Jason’s Will was a detailed recommendation broadcasted from a surviving colony near Jasp nearly 3500 years earlier, instructing other survivors to bury Earth-tec in cryo-bins to survive and avoid shantic shantic attention. Retrieval of equipment in small amounts was planned to come later. Twenty terran scientists and colony administrators had heeded the warning of the Jaspian colony and placed themselves in cryosleep together with Eart-tec equipment among the remains of the Ithaca Research Stations in the Doben-al and the Binhauer Research Stations in Thantier. They hoped to elude the shantic warriors and awaken one day to help future generations. They later become known as the Sleepers (Ithaca scientists) and the Advisors (Binhauer scientists).
Thantier began searching the eastern parts of Doben-al for the fabled Sleepers.
Shortly thereafter Burdothian spies copy Jason’s Will and the two nations begin a global race to find the ancients.

3495 PC         
Burdoths and Thantiers arsenal of earth-tec weapons and functioning artefacts reach an all-time low. Artefacts are destroyed or depleted faster than they can be understood and restored. Despite great discoveries, the ancient artefacts simply cannot be preserved. Dharsage Khodre Dhardrenn begins a retrieval project where he tries to bring all artefacts back to state control and out of Whitehand and Drenn hands.

3501 PC         
Jason’s Tomb is found by Burdothians, but the prized Sleeper is stolen by the emerging global conspiracy – the Berella - led by the mad, renegade Burdothian Iscin Dayvid Terra.

3504 PC         
Advent of Hybrid Tech through the secret works of Sagin Aleyksander Dhardrenn, King Vucarin Lucaram of Shatur, Iscins Irina and John Arapel and exiled Ros Crendorian Sajantist Marec KreeKorrun – all coordinated by Dayvid Terra.

3505 PC         
The Thanterian sages of Toronia, Slegun and Thantis start invading the coastal cities of western Anasan. While it is a desperate attempt to bring the jungle towns back into their control, the Pluran Church and the Thankrani soon supports the effort of the sages and other allies join in the conquest. The small skirmishes develop into a full-scale invasion that is only limited by the dense inland forests and the fact that many volunteers from Burdoth, Dobre and Lundere join the Anasani.

3508 PC         
The invading legions of Anasan declare independence from Thaniter and declare a new state – Elysium. It is an unstable realm, wracked by internal strife, rebellions and unruly mobs. Its leaders follow the Berella. Nevertheles, it is the start if the new Anasan.

3509 PC         
Dharsage Khodre Dhardrenn is assassinated by the Berella. The Sagins – the family of the late Dharsage - disappear never to be seen again. Rhacolmon Rasec Turgerin assumes stewardship.

3511 PC         
Civil war and the breaking of the Burdothian Union seem unavoidable as the Sagedoms of Sobayid and Lusail together with their allies fight each other and rise up against the tyrant Rasec. Skirmishes take place along the provincial borders and Dobrens set up a buffer zone in northern Ardis. Through his efforts, Rasec concentrates great amounts of earth-tec to Ardis and Ardoth. He thereby unknowingly sets a basis for the preservation and better understanding of the ancient legacy.

3512 PC         
Burdoth unites temporarily under the imprisoned steward Kesht Jarod Turressey who destroys the reign of the usurper and tyrant Rhacolmon Rasec Turgerin. As a result of the recovered Last Will & Command of the late Dharsage, power is handed over to the people. Burdoth becomes the second democracy on Sho-Caudal after Jasp, but the greatest.

3514 PC         
The Berella Conspiracy is destroyed and Dayvid killed after a shantic –White Legion attack upon their secret base in[FILE CORRUPTED].

3519 PC         
Eelshon She-Evid and other evids once again controlled by the shantic eelshon.

3523 PC         
The powerful World Weaver sect of elitist muadra declare themselves independent of Dobre after a few intitial skirmishes. A peaceful alliance becomes the result of thriddle led negotiations of peace.
Hybrid tech makes great leaps in development and the power of the World Weavers grow attracting more and more muadra from Burdoth, Heridoth and Khodre.

3536-3541 PC         
Lisho-shafra. Conflict between humans and shantas. Some violence and destruction of much earth-tech. Much shantic suffering. Shanta come out of hiding but have internal problems. Attacks through warps and evid rampages begin. World Weavers deploy new Hybrid Technology to prevent warps from opening. New weapons against shantas created. Mainly three sects are responsible as well as Thantier and Burdoth. All shantas unite in the end but end the spreading war. Establishment of the Forbidden Shantic Lands.

3542 PC         
Anasan (former Elysium) rises as new Earth-tec caches are found. Buys its industry, workers, laws etc. Thivin slip in and become one of the rulers of the new great realm. Great leaps in earth-tec understanding and reverse engineering are made.

3572 PC         
Cleash Insurgence. Cleash swarm out of warps in the jungle lands and elsewhere. Destroy much of Thantier and lay siege to Tan-Iricid. The island falls after half a year, but the thriddle destroy the Mountain Crown. Thriddle flee their island. Hosted by thivin, woffen, bronth, Burdothians and Jaspians mainly. In revenge the cleash desecrate Tan-Iricid and burn most vegetation. Becomes a barren island.

3583 PC         
The united humans, Ca-Tra, Ca-Gobey and Cie-Ebba shantas, the Drail Hegemony and Iscin Races finally manage to destroy the cleash and free the Ceridus region of the terror and pursue the survivors to the Ice Fields. The climate is however too harsh to continue the conflict.

3595 PC       
Synthetic shirm-eh created. Ramian start massive cultural expansion and colonization.

3598 PC         
Sharden is occupied by Voligire Hegemony. Many realms protest. Dobrens lead the diplomatic negotiations.

3600 PC         
The woffen are stricken by a terrible plague and start dying in great numbers. Bronth do all they can to help but after decades of genetic deterioration, few childbirths and finally, after a terrible pestilence afflicting only woffen, the woffen become extinct.

3603-09 PC    
Ramian World War. Ramians have continued to spread at the cost of the dying woffen and the tologra. Sharden is occupied but refuses to yield to the ramian. The ramian commit genocide and destroy all tologra. Dobre declares war upon the Voligire Hegemony. Soon Burdoth, Anasan, Ceridusian Empire and the Drail Hegemony are drawn into the conflict. The world is ravaged.

3610 PC         
The original 10 United Dobren States are officially founded with only a few conflicts.

3624 PC         
Voligire ramian invade Ros Crendor and unearth ancient artefacts of their old lamorri masters. Rumours persist of lamorri memories infecting some ramian who take the highest positions in the ramian caste system. Ramian are divided into Voligire Ramian and Drail Hegemony.

3643 PC         
Voligire ramian seriously begin mobilizing forces. New Sklarrm technology begin appearing in ramian lands. Cleash are brought in as mercenaries. Push into Southeast Temauntro and skirmishes begin with Khodre.

3648 PC         
Autonomous Human Collective is established in southern Dobren States by the powerful World Weavers.

3650 PC         
Drail Hegemony ambassador assassinated in New Ardoth in an attempt to prevent old heroes released from keeper rods to bring an ancient key to the Drail Hegemony. The awakened heroes are hunted while searching for other keys across Jorune but finally make it to Vareech. There the ramian uncover the ancient terran spacecreaft that only humans can fly. With the craft they travel into the Void and bring back the avatar of Kaurr – the only lamorri who chose to stay behind.

3651 PC         
New weapons created by humans, Kaurr and the Drail Hegemony ramian begin to wreak havoc on the Tirtive ramian forces. Lamorri empathic network crippled.

3659 PC         
A besieged Realm of Darkness (Voligire ramians) launches terrible weapons against humans and shanta. Kaurr is destroyed. The Shan are drawn into the conflict and ally with humans. The last lamorri powerful lamorri devices are finally destroyed – forever. The ramian are finally freed of their old masters.

3667 PC         
Traditional beginning of the official alliance between the Shan (all but Ca-Desti) and the northern human realms and the United Dobren States.

3670 PC
Founding of the Irrat, the Sho-Caudal Advisory Kimmit of free people.

3672 PC         
Kaurr Research Centre is established in Northern Vareech. Lamorri technology is studied under much controversy and objection from the Shan.

3680 PC         
Thantier is re-established as the Empire and Draktan is symbolically restored. All signs of the cleash desecration have finally been removed. The new Empire that emerges is grim, intolerant to non-humans and extremely fast growing. Organized into Duchies.

3701 PC         
Shantic, thriddle and World Weavers take hybrid technology to next level. The new technology is referred to as Sho-Tech “Life Tech”.

3711-22 PC    
Imperial Wars. The expanding, industrial “Iron” Empire of the Ceridis region unites after several bloody skirmishes which draws other Ceridis states into the conflict. Soon the entire Ceridis region is affected. Despite attempts by the northern realms at stopping the conflict or intervening the Iron Empire finally assumes control over the entire Ceridis Region

3726 PC         
Cleash suddenly burst out of the Ice Fields with stolen ramian and human technology. They force themselves upon the Kaurr Research Centre in Northern Vareech and begin building a transmission device.
The Kaurr research centre is destroyed by ramian along with the cleash device.

3727-33 PC    
Second Cleash Insurgence devastates the world as the cleash launch terrible Plague Bombs upon all realms. All races are decimated. Despite being few in number the cleash are hard to stop as the plague victims pile up.
Allied survivors led by two opposing factions; Shan + northern realms and the Iron Empire begin driving the cleash back to the Ice Fields.

3733 PC         
Cleash forces are pursued back to the Ice Fields. This time the cleash cannot hold the besieging, revenge hungered forces back. When all is lost, 12 smoking cleash spaceships suddenly burst out of the ice, carrying their oldest generations. They rise out into orbit – four of them exploding from the strain. The cleash are never seen again.

3734 PC         
Great improvements are initiated on the previously carefully controlled Thosk planetary defence systems. Fear of cleash retaliation and rumours of impending orbital bombardment cause panic in several citites of the Iron Empire.

3737 PC         
The Mairricks Caves, the last cleash stronghold in the Ice Fields of Gilthaw is destroyed. The last cleash is killed and the race is declared extinct on Sho-Caudal.

3738 PC         
As the realms recover, a Void Program is initiated to protect Sho-Caudal from avenging cleash. Shan, thriddle, Bronth, Thivin and humans push their technology to the limit to reach space. The Free states lead the research while the Empire refuses to cooperate with (be “led” by) the Shan.

3744 PC         
First manned expedition reaches Ebba. The ancient terran Lunar Field Station is discovered and revisited. A sad and timeless reminder of humanity’s past. Soon thereafter the remaining moons are explored. No signs of the cleash are uncovered.

3748 PC         
Most of Sho-Caudal’s moons are declared Sacred and protected from exploitation and colonization by the Shan and the Free States. Ebba remains open to colonization but only Shan led expeditions are allowed to access to the other moons

3749 PC         
Construction of Sho-Tashka Void Station begins.

3752 PC         
Lemuria and Eden are explored. No signs of the cleash are uncovered but the expedition tragically succumbs to Eden's chaotic sho-sen just before departure.

3756 PC         
Elysium and its moons are explored. Great leaps in isho and crystal technology are made as the new and powerful energy trapped in Elysium is understood.

3757 PC         
Ramian Void Program initiated. Strange new ramian technology, clearly based on lamorri tech scare the Shan.

3760 PC         
Atlantis is reached. The exploration finally finds traces of the long vanished cleash. Two crashed and abandoned ships are explored together with several mines and countless dead cleash and scarmis clone workers who succumbed to the harsh environment in their inferior suit cocoons.

3763 PC         
After some years of study on Atlantis, the Free States reach the conclusion that the cleash mined for certain minerals and then left the Sho system to go…somewhere.

3780 PC         
Ramian begin exploring deep space and Te Sunn (The Sho system's star). Their solitary, long isolated explorers become known as Void Mariners.

3781 PC         
Mining stations established on Elysium’s moons.

3796 PC         
Late in the void race, the Empire gains spaceflight capabilities.

3806 PC
After a series of cataclysmic local vacuums in the sho-sen caused by a new phenomena referred to as alpha depletion (vulgar: “isho leeching”) countless people sicken and die, especially isho harmonics. The Free States through the Irrat strictly regulate the use of certain sho-technology to prevent misuse and launch several elaborate projects to restore the sho-sen. The Irrat also forms the Shan Wardens to supervise the useof technology.

3814 PC         
Void colonies established on Eden, by both the Free States and the Empire.

3820 PC         
Void colonies established on Elysium’s moons by both the Free States and the Empire.

3832-38 PC    
First Iron Curtain Conflict. Smaller independent states are attacked by the Empire. The Free States intervene and conflict escalates. A truce is negotiated by the Anasani.

3862-67 PC    
Second Iron Curtain Conflict. Aggressions between ramian and the Empire in the Ceridis region lead to a bloody conflict where weapons of mass destruction are used. The Shan and the Free States try to intervene but are in the end forced to join forces with the Greater Ramian Hegemony. The war also spreads into the Void with often catastrophic results for the void colonies. When the Empire finally is defeated, the core Duchies are placed under Free State council control.

3887 PC         
After two decades of occupation, the Thanterian Duchies are given back their right to self governance. A great nationalistic pride causes an icy rift between the old Empire and the Free States.

3887 PC         
Ramian Void Mariners find an abandoned earth colony vessel drifting into the Deeper Void. After an incredible retrieval mission taking more than 10 months, the ramian bring the TSS Burundi back to the Sho system. A terran anti-matter drive can for the first time be studied.

3889 PC         
Breakthrough in anti-matter drives combined with Sho-tech create the new, more stable Sho-drive. Tests are made with vessels travelling far out into the Deeper Void.

3890 PC
The Origins Expedition is declared by the FSVC and construction of FSS Mayatrish begins.

3895 PC         
As the turn of the century approaches, the Origins Expedition is launched. Its goal: to return to the Sol system and re-discover the cradle of humanity – or what is left of it.



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