2nd Crith 16                3895 P.C.              17:32

Fear of uncovered Cleash Plagues in Temauntro

A recently re-discovered, abandoned, crystal mine in the western Temauntro region of Shauwrrl, revealed more than 200 corpses from the Cleash Plague Wars more than 150 years ago [IM-feed links]. The plague victims most likely sought shelter in the mine when it collapsed during the intense bombardment of the initial years of the conflict.

Iscin Taumuarr Friksa fears that the special environmental conditions in the abandoned mine could have kept strands of the feared Cleash Plagues alive and has closed the mine and quarantined the entire city of Upper Shauwrrl.

Unrest has broken out amongst the crugar populace who fear a worsening of their situation when they become cut-off from the world.
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