2nd Crith 27                3895 P.C.              06:15

The Sho system's messages to the Origins Expedition

NAN is proud to transmit the collected images, messages and live feeds of the entire Sho system's blessing of the members of the Origins Expedition as they depart for the Sol system.

People of all the races of all the nations of Sho-Caudal and the Void colonies have created this package via NAN in honour of the brave and adventorous people venturing out into the Deeper Void to bridge the great and mysterious gap of time and culture. Everybody wishes to be a part of the great adventure and everyone feels the expedition should be aware of their support. Amazing and touching mweaves, IM-feeds and Sho-feeds in the form of personal adresses, blessings, poems, songs asnd praises are currently uploaded to the FSS Mayatrish crew database.

The immense and extremely touching data package can be downloaded here:
[IM feed link], [Sho-feed link]


[Click here for Sho-feed version of this newsweave]






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