2nd Crith 27                3895 P.C.              09:15

Void Hegemony frigates to escort FSS Mayatrish

Unscheduled and unknown to the public, FSVC confirms that six Hegemony frigates will be among the detail escorting FSS Mayatrish beyond Elysium. The Urat Class frigates are the Void Hegemony's most formidable battleships and a costly escort to an iscae expeditionary void vessel.

"The safety and well-being of the Origins Expedition goes beyond lore and science. It constitutes a moral and visionary statement to all people of Sho-Caudal", was the statement of Tirtive Varkeer of Vinteer.

The sudden appearance of the Imperial void vessel IVV Starlight in Sho-Caudal's orbit and the Empire's flexing of its muscles are assumed to be the reason for the suddenly increased escort.









The six Urat Class frigates to escort FSS Mayatrish


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