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FSVC (Free State Void Cooperation)

The FSVC began as a hastily setup void programme by the Free States after the Cleash Exodus. Its purpose was to create a planetary defence system and begin the exploration of the Sho system within a minimum amount of time. In order to do this huge financial, industrial and technological efforts were mustered by the member states. But with the threat of cleash retaliation hanging over Sho-Caudal, great achievements were made and the Sho system was explored in a remarkably short time. When it was deemed that the cleash were no longer a threat, the FSVC slowed down slightly. But with a successful cooperation in progress, the member states continued their void investments to setup colonies, mining and reasearch stations throughout the Sho system. Although individual states and organisations, such as the UHC, The Jaspian Conglomerate, Anasan, the Void Klade Cooperation and the UDS have their own modest void programmes, none can compete with the power and influence of the FSVC. Only the state funded IVA and the Greater Ramian Hegemony is capable of sustaining its own fleet of void vessels, outposts and colonies.

The most well-known project of the FSVC today is the Origins Project.
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