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FTL drive

The term FTL (Faster Than Light) drives is the commonly used name for void vessel drives which can reach speeds faster than light. Up until 3887, FTL drives were considered a mystery, although suspected possible as terrans clearly must have utilized them in coming to Sho-Caudal. In 3887 the TSS Burundi derelict was found drifting out of the Sho system by ramian Void Mariners and an ancient terran FTL drive could finally be studied and reversed engineered. So far, the only existing FTL drives can be found aboard the FSS Mayatrish, some FSVC and Void Hegemony military void vessels and some prototype vessels. The sho physics behind the FTL drives is both classified and incredibly complex. Only a select few DharIscin understand fully its functionality. What is publically known is that the new generation FTL drive is based on terran anti-matter reaction principles combined with the much more stable Tro-shal isho reactors.
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The FSS Mayatrish - one of the few, new generation void vessels with a sho FTL drive










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