2nd Crith 16                3895 P.C.              17:32

Imperial Breach of Lunar Treaty

The Imperial Void Navy has once again performed landings on Shal, despite repeated warnings from the Free States. The Shan Eelshon showed its clear displeasure with this breach of Treaty and demands financial punitive measures against the Iron Empire [Sho-feed link].

Imperial spokesman Veinaar Steglitz stated in an official Imperial IM-feed early this morning [IM-feed link] that the Imperial Navy merely conducted a rescue operation, as one of their Brent Asteroid Field mining transport shuttles crashed on Shal yesterday when re-entering the Sho-Caudal Constellation. Spokesman Steglitz also clarified that the Empire never signed the now ancient and outdated Sacred Lunar Treaty of 3748 and are therefore not bound by any financial punitive measures. The Spokesman did however conclude his statement that the Empire will continue to honour the non-exploitation Lunar Treaty, regardless whether it was signed or not.

Despite this statement, Iscin Jared DharWin of the Void Exploratory Institute of Rhodu foresees further encroachments by the Imperial Void Navy in the future [TX-feed link].
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Spokesman Veinaar Steglitz











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