2nd Crith 16                3895 P.C.              17:32

Hegemony Void Mariners prophesize an explosive growth of Scylla

Over the last two decades the Greater Ramian Hegemony has conducted much research in very close proximity to the dangerous Scylla anomaly in the outskirts of the Sho system. Gorochka Kraneer of Voligire prophesizes a tremendous growth of Scylla over the next millennia [TX-feed link]. According to the esteemed Gorochka, Scylla is reaching critical mass much earlier than previously anticipated (1-3 million years) and the growth towards the end will accelerate exponentially.

Researchers of the Yetherca Institute of New Ardoth have not been able to verify or deny the new research, but explain that they have already dispatched a reinforced research team to the Helkos Observatory in the Scylla’s Necklace asteroid field.

There has been much speculation over the last century about the Scylla Anomaly and what will happen when it reaches critical mass. It could turn into a small black hole, or it could begin to swallow the closest asteroids and planets to form a new super gas giant, or simply break apart silently and harmlessly.
[More information on the Sho System and Scylla]
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Scylla, seen from Bifrost



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