2nd Crith 16                3895 P.C.              17:32

Protests in Koisia after approval of Chemical Sterilization Act

People protested on the streets of Koistra, Sholia and Tarratas and by blocking NetWeave access nodes to show their displeasure with the Chemical Sterilization Act which was approved in Koisian Parliament last week [IM-feed link].

Many fear that the Chemical Sterilization process could turn out to be irreversible and has not yet been properly tested on humans. Koisia, which suffers under an overwhelming population surge, is attempting to follow the thivin example performed in 3882 in Anasan. In Anasan, the huge thivin population freely underwent chemical sterilization on all adults that had produced two offspring.

The Shemical Sterilization Process is certainly reversible and has been a great relief to our realm,” [IM-feed link] states Councillor Sebetesh of the thivin-governed realm of Anasan.
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