2nd Crith 16                3895 P.C.              17:32

FSVC announces last scientific member of Origins Expedition

Shane Toshkin of the Elysium lunar Iscatta of Neviel will be the last specialist joining the Origins Expedition [More info on NAN Special: Origins Expedition], replacing Iscin Yudruh Hoobah of Tlon DharIscatta.

Rumours of recent failures in the Bronth adaptation module to the expedition Keeper Rods have now been formally confirmed by the FSVC [Free State Void Cooperation link] at a press conference today [IM-feed link]. Despite years of research, the Bronth physiology still cannot be fully accepted by the latest Keeper Rod technology. It was long believed that Iscin Hoobah’s physical alterations would enable him to take place as the only Expedition member of the Iscin Races. But recent tests have proven that the 4 year stasis would present “a significant danger to Iscin Hoobah’s health”.

Iscin Toshkin is a very suitable and welcome replacement to my post and I am honoured that he will take my place”, concluded Iscin Hoobah in the press conference [IM-feed link].


Iscin Shayne Toshkin

The IVA [Imperial Void Authority link] declared that it is once again disappointed and appalled at the latest rejection of its candidates to join the Origins Expedition. Ever since FSVC announced its plans to launch the Origins Expedition five years ago, the IVA have fruitlessly argued its right to nominate expedition members of their own.  
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