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Wotah Remembrance Day

A day of remebrance for the extinct woffen tribes honured among the bronth population of the United Dobren States and formally throughout the Free States on eris 12. It is now 295 years since the woffen succumbed to a global plague and disappeared from Sho-Caudal forever. The century before the plague saw the woffen tormented by failures in childbirth, sterility and immune system targeting diseases.

Some say it was the cleash or the ramian who chose to rid themselves of the woffen who were the traditional guardians of the one time abandoned shantic lands of Lundere. But later research have shown inherent genetic weaknesses which the great Progenitor Iscin had not foreseen.

Rumours persist of woffen sightings in the old woffen lands of Lundere as well as worldweave rumours of the Shan having placed a few woffen in keeper rods to restore the race when their genetic flaws can be treated.

The bronth and the Free States likewise commemorate the pogrom and annihilation of the tologra by the Realm of Darkness through the Tiredrah Remembrance Day.
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