2nd Crith 16                3895 P.C.              17:32

Where did the cleash go?

Iscin Sanrid To-Gomo of the Tlon DharIscatta recently published a disputed thesis on the much discussed cleash exodus [TX-feed link]. In his thesis, Khee To-Gomo states that the cleash were in fact picked up by an ancient lamorri space craft they had summoned with their Beacon Device constructed during the Cleash Plague Wars in the occupied Kaurr Research Centre in Vareech.

As Khee To-Gomo is a junior Querrid, his interpretation of the Cleash Broadcast, the Atlantis Planetary Finds and the Tolamuun Observatory Records is heavily disputed and undermined by the DMCLIS [Discorporate Mountain Crown Library Information Society link].
[More Cleash Exodus details]
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The ancient terror


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