2nd Crith 16                3895 P.C.              17:32

Shemarra SkyCity threatened by terrorists

Another threat has been issued by the terrorist organisation known as the Mundane Brotherhood. This time the focus is on the newly built Shemarra Skycity in Hobeh. After the sabotage of the Nuriad Skyherris two years ago, where so called “mundanes” (Non-muadra citizens of the United Human Collective with limited rights of ownership and rulership) [Mundanes link] managed to crack the sho generators holding the herris aloft, these threats are taken very seriously.

“We have invited the Mundane Brotherhood to the negotiation tables several times, but they have never responded”, states Sholari Chancellor Benettu. “They seem bent on chaos and destruction” [IM-feed link].

Sholari Chancellor Benettu refused to comment on the Mundane released Bill of Equal Rights [TX-link] which has spread on the UHC web lately.
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Shemarra SkyCity





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