2nd Crith 16                3895 P.C.              17:32

DMCLIS calls for equal votes in the Sho-Caudal Irrat

Unprecedented, the DMCLIS [TX-feed link] spokesman Yarrid Ban-Gatto yesterday chose to support the Iron Empire's long standing claim for equal votes in the Sho-Caudal Irrat. Despite the DMCLIS already having a full vote, Kee Ban-Gatto said "it is time to fully open invite our arms and hearts to all entire people of Sho-Caudal and take a final step away from old prejudices." [IM-feed link]

Since the Second Iron Curtain Conflict, the Iron Empire and its allied Ceridisean Duchies have had only a limited voting right in the Sho-Caudal Irrat as part of the terms of surrender in 3867. Over the last ten years, the Iron Empire have refused to participate in any inter-state discussions and negotiations there, claiming often that it is the playground of a Free State Elitist Club and meddlesome Shan.

A return of a full vote to the Iron Empire and its allied Duchies would seriously alter the current political balance in the Irrat.Despiite being a reasonably toothless forum for peaceful interaction between the Sho-Caudal people, scin Bramhu Du'buhn predicts serious crippling of the current political progress there if the heavy hand of the Iron Empire would once again be allowed to veto decisions.

Sho-Caudal Irrat building in Sharden


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