2nd Crith 27                3895 P.C.              06:62

Existance of new Imperial Void Vessel confirmed

Over the last two years, several rumours of high activity in the two re-opened IVA shipyards in orbit around Lemuria and Elysium have been reported to NAN. FSVC claims it has been aware of the Empire and its allied states re-plenishing its Void fleet, but on-site IRRAT inspections have shown these to be trading and colonization vessels [IM-feed link]. The Empire maintains is statements that all Void Efforts are of a peaceful nature.


Last mullin the independant prospector ship "Rhodusian Angel" out of Anasan reported an unknown large Void Vessel in orbit around Asgard. The vessel answered no hails and departed quickly after having been sighted - leaving no traceable STL drive emissions - according to the captain of the "Rhodusian Angel"

Then 2100 yesterday evening, standard central Buridoth time, the IVV "Starlight" entered Sho-Caudal orbit. Its size and appearance matching the image transmitted by the "Rhodusian Angel". The IVV Starlight is of an unknown IVA class vessel and its construction must have been a secret as FSVC refuses to comment its sudden appearance.

Imperial Spokesman Veinaar Steglitz announced only one hour ago that the IVV Starlight is a new class of colony and transport vessel which will increase the Iron Empire's colony efforts in the Sho system "Bringing us back out into the Sho system after the tragic war which sundered our proud people" [IM-feed link]

The unidentified void vessel
in orbit around Asgard

IVV Starlight entering Sho-Caudal orbit yesterday


It is unclear why the Iron Empire would want to keep the void vessel construction a secret and it is unknown what cargo is currently being cashiln gated up from the Iron Empire to the void vessel. Iron Empire expert Buru'dha Borliss assumes the Emperor wants to steal some of the glory of the Origins Expedition launch by making a clear statement that the Sho system also belongs the Iron Empire.

Included in the spokesman's statement is a brief live feed from the IVV Starlight's bridge where captain Juvek Steinaar proudly hailed the citizens of the alllied duchies under the Emperor.

Although the IVV Starlight displays no visible armament, the FSVC clearly seems concerned and has doubled the protection around the FSS Mayatrish and the Cerashu Void Station.

Captain Juvek Steinaar
of the IVV Starlight

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