2nd Crith 16                3895 P.C.              17:32

First Cashiltey test to commence on Tharsis

FSVC [Free State Void Cooperation link] announced that it will begin its first test of fully operational cashiltey technology on Tharsis, Elysium’s largest moon, by the end of this year. The so called interplanetary warp technology has been heavily criticised for its risks and unstable power source.

This is not normal sho-controlled cashiln technology that is used for everyday materials, cargo and personnel traffic across Sho-Caudal or up to the orbital void stations. This is something completely different,” warned Sholari Shomorra Du-Desti of the Tonondra Iscatta.

Passing material from one planetary isho field to another is something that is bound to fail because of the huge and uncontrollable isho resources needed and the inherent and ungraspable complexity and ambiguity of two interacting fields. What would seem like a pattern one year would change the next. Sho will be lost.” [Sho-feed link]

Saara DharWinter and Gerrid Ben-Gomo of the New Ardoth Iscatta are however overjoyed by the long awaited go ahead from the FSVC. Ever since the two colleagues proved the DharWinter - Ben-Gomo bridge theory fifteen years ago, they have waited for final tests to commence. After many years of study and contemplation the Ca-Shal Observers of Sharteij approved the sho interchange between the planetary sho fields. When asked if cashiltey warps would ever work between star systems, Saara DharWinter laughed heartily,

That my friend will forever remain pure fiction. Even if a shotech source of isho – larger than any we’ve ever seen –existed in another star system, it would require a LRI field [Low Resonance Isho/Elysium Isho Bridge link] binding the two systems across the void – like the LRI field which binds the planets Eden, Sho-Caudal and Elysium to each other in the Sho system. Only with such an existing LRI field can a DharWinter-Bon-Gomo cashiltey bridge be created.” [IM-feed link]
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