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TSS Burundi (Terran Space Ship)

Already in 3886 an unknown object was detected by ramian Void Mariners posted on the remote (and at that time secret) Marrkra Observatory in the Parameter Cloud. Initial unmanned probes sent to investigate the object relayed pictures of a void vessel derelict bearing the name TSS Burundi in ancient colonial English. TSS Burundi's course was slowly taking it out of the Sho system and into the Deeper Void. It took the Void Hegemony more than a full year to mount a daring salvage operation and bring the TSS Burundi back to the inner parts of the Sho system, where it was presented as a gift to the FSVC who were utterly surprised by the Hegemony endeavour.

The TSS Burundi derelict in Sho-Caudal orbit

TSS Burundi is not believed to be a full scaled colony or cargo vessel and bears unknown Terran corporate or state insignias. According to the log files, the smaller TSS Burundi arrived shortly after the colony disaster but managed to contact survivors on the Sho-Caudal. Six months after arrival to the Sho system, the TSS Burundi was placed in orbit around Te Sunn and the crew abandoned the ship and left for Sho-Caudal with all supplies. Their fate is unknown.

TSS Burundi's orbit around Te Sunn deteriorated over the millenia and the ship probably escaped Te Sunn's gravity when knocked out of course by a smaller meteorite and was flung outward - out of the Sho system.

The TSS Burundi has supplied invaluable historic files but has also presented the FSVC with the unique opportunity to study an intact Terran FTL drive for the first time. The results of this study resulted in the reverse engineering of the first sho based FTL drives.

Since the discovery of the TSS Burundi, the Iron Empire has heatedly argued its right to partake in the study of the void vessel derelict and the results of these studies. So far the FSVC have refused to cooperate with the Iron Empire.

The well-known iconic and nostalgic ancient safety propaganda onboard the TSS Burundi - showing that Terrans were not so different from humans of Sho-Caudal.

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