Allies & Enemies
A list of friendly and unfriendly acquaintances the heroes have accumulated throughout the great tale . For good or for bad, the list seems to be growing.....


Emperor Alexius Hawkwood of the Known Worlds
Sworn lord and protector of the Questing Knight Sir Charall Hawkwood and the Imperial Cohorts Zorin Blackwood, Jason Saunders (and Tomas Deluga?).

Dagon Brotherhood of Madoc
An Oro'ym brotherhood who deals with humans who share sympathy with their race. After saving the great treasure of one of their priests (the S'srota) and safeguarding it, they hold the trust of Brotherhood. Tomas Deluga wears the symbol of Dagon.

Thane Angwulf of Hargard
A minor thane and outmaneuvered rival of Thane Sigfaddir (see Enemies) who through the heroes received an audience with the Emperor to plead understanding between the Vuldrok Star-Nations and Known Worlds. He returned to Vuldrok space after having been betrayed and humiliated in the court of Byzantium Secundus. Since then he has sided with Thane Morgan Fireblade, who was given the late Thane Fangir's fief on Hargard by the Great Allthing on Raven..

The Nadakira of Kordeth
The high priest and spokesman of the Ukar people. An uncertain ally, but informant and prophet who has prepared the heroes for the coming/returning mythical War In Heaven.

Amon-Ra of Heaven's Ridge
Captain of the semi-sentient ship "Nugatla" which possessed uncanny technology. Befriended the heroes after hiring them to find hidden treasures and long lost jump coordinates on a haunted void monitor far beyond the jumpgate of Al Fashir.

The Ukar of Beliah
Having brought them word of the Nadakira, the long separated Ukar made the heroes honorary members of their tribe.

Sheyk Fazil Al-Jabira of Irem
A powerful sheyk, friend of the Caliph of the Kurgan Caliphate and thus a member of the Kuriltai. After saving his life on a pleasure cruiser attacked by the Akhara Kafiri (mighty anti-Kurgan terrorist) he vowed to always protect and hold the heroes as his friends.

Morgan Fireblade of Fingisvold
A star-thane serving Sigurdur Dragonslayer of Thingholl with his fleet of ships. Morgan was betrayed and usurped by Fangir Firestorm but managed to exact his revenge and was given Fangir's fief on Hargard by the Great Allthing on Raven after a duel to the death. Ever greatful for the heroes in helping him regain his title, new land and the fabled lost fleet of Admiral Morgan.

The Jailor
A very powerful psychic from the lost world of Kun Lun. After fleeing the Overmind his mind was broken and he became enslaved mentally by the evil Caliph Apis el Shadai of Sky Tear. Ever grateful to the heroes for healing his broken mind with the S'srota and freeing him.

Cap'n Jack of Merfaran
The founder and supreme ruler of Cap'n Jack's Republik of escaped serfs, freedom seekers and pirates on the islands of Merfaran. Sir Charall bought the dubious friendship of this once enthralled Hawkwood subject with a heirloom sword, noble attire and by treating him as a fellow nobleman.

Aili Moonwater
The sole survivor of a mysterious attack by invisible demons (An'ukai) upon a small Vuldrok colony moon of Tirrka (satellite of Hamund's End) in the Wolf's Lament system. Aili swore revenge for her murdered daughter and pledged an oath to Dafar to be a Feykrighs (shield maiden). She travelled with the heroes for a while, discovering powerful psychic abilities that had been awakend after the trauma. She turned out to be one of the seven treasures - The Sword - and very hard to control. In the end, she departed for the worlds of the Shadow Court with Tjama the Pathfinder and the other treasures. See below.

The Svartfolk (Obun) of Raven
Isolated Obun who chose to settle Raven centuries ago. Their libraries hold much information about mysterious Raven and the many Ur ruins there. Brother Simon Ven Lahjal has befriended them and will act as a bridge between Raven and Velisamil, carrying copies of many books from their library.

Tjama the Pathfinder
An old Oro'ym who could open a gate with his voice. He was one of the seven treasures and was looking for the gate he had seen in his vision. After having been freed from Vuldrok raiders by the heroes, Tjama took the seven treasures (items and people) and departed to the dread worlds of the Shadow Court, to witness the evil there and bring back warnings to the free people.

A mundane symbiot child that had been subjected to a nullity when small. He is immune to symbiosis and it was destined that he would come with the heroes when they encountered the symbiot Hive on Grymkalla. His destiny is to strengthen and plant the Lifeweb on dark and distant worlds. He departed through the Hargard gate with Tjama, never to be seen again?

Zûgaloth of the Nao
One of the strange Nizdharim who has seen the light of Nao and pulled away from the hive mind of his brethren. He was destined to become the new guardian of the S'srota, although the Oruga Khan tried to prevent it. Zûgaloth departed from Hargard with his little colony of Nao worshippers after a bloody but brief civil war. His goal, to find fabled lost world of Akata. He took the weakened Joseph ther Messenger with him, whose life now was bound to the S'srota.

Joseph the Messenger (ex-PC)
A former Brother Battle, and trusted friend of the heroes, who has been reformed after his encounter with the twin artefacts the Shutaki's Tear and the S'srota. With uncanny powers of speech and persuasion he incited the masses to quest, break free from worldly and spiritual bonds and search outward for the enemy and allies that might aid them in the coming War in Heaven. After having lost his life in the battle against Thane Fangir Firestorm, the S'srota is all that keeps him alive. He was last seen departing through the Hargard gate together with the Nizdharim of Nao.

Jeron al-Malik (ex-PC)
Another unfortunate friend of the heroes, whose life was changed after contact with the mighty Shutaki's Tear. Jeron found new pshychic powers (maybe always there, hidden in his mysterious bloodline?) and a complex code that plagued him. The strange Empyrean Angel of the Hargard gate finally todl him that the code he bears will summon back the Witnesses of Darkness, if he can only find the right gate. Jeron was last seen departing for the al-Malik homeworlds.

Shaykh Hassan al-Hambra of Al Fashir
An ambassador of the Kurgan Caliphate who was unjustly accused of the murder of Baronet Sylvana al-Malik onboard the luxury liner Neptune Express. The heroes protected him and later found the guilty assassin.

Sinris vo Lajuk
A member of the Ukar terrorist organisation Bava! and married in secret to Remus Juandaastas, Marcellus' brother who was mysteriously kidnapped by the Invisible Path. Sinris is already greatful for the help she received to find information about her missing husband and will be even more grateful if the heroes ever find and manage to return Remus from the grasp of the Invisible Path.

Navigator Karab of the Manitou sathraists
The old sathra priest had to reclaim his role as Navigator of the sathraist flock on Manitou after his successor Dragomir was killed by the church metonym Glams Darvo. Feeling sympathy for the heroes and their cause, as well as gratitude for their help in punishing the transgressors, Karab and his flock will alway welcome and protect the heroes.

Bracca of Lower Haava
Cheiftain of one of the tribes of the forest people in Fordan, Gwynneth. Grateful for the rescue of his son from muster soldiers in Hawkwood employ and the rescue of his son's lover from the rock trolls of the Haava mountains.

The Umo'rin of Velisamil
The Obun High Council are grateful to Simon ven Lahjal and his friends for delivering the cultural and historical details of their sundered kindred trapped in Barbarian Space. Also for the secret delivery of the jumpcoordinates to the lost world of Sherkaven.

Sons of Morgaine (Scorpians)
The Hidden populace of sathraists are eternally grateful for the heroes aid in helping their people escape church persecution. Escpecially Simon ven Lahjal will be remembered and commemorated as one of the Gatemasters who forced a new jumproute out of the Gwynneth backdoor jumpgate.


Lady Natasha Decados of Cadavus
A foul and grotesquely augmented (prolonged barbed neck) woman who desired the Rog'Itloi and its secrets (jumproad to Beacon). Responsible for the death of Sir Charall's brother along with her insane brother Vacul of Cadavus and has crossed paths with the heroes several times.

Count Vacul Decados of Cadavus
The dangerous and insance brother of Natasha who hates the heroes for infiltrating his keep, killing his Hawkwood prisoner and spoiling his plans for fame.

Lady Nikita Decados of Cadavus
A beautiful Decados seductress of , known for growing mindless clones of her lovers to keep as toys. Once a helpful informant to the heroes through family allegiance with Jeron Al-Malik, but now the mother of Sir Charall's rightfull heir after their brief night of passion as repayment for her information.

The Ogotai
The God-Emperor of the Ogosan Empire of Beacon, attributed with potent and mysterious but mentally degenerating powers of the Shutaki's Tear, twin philosopher's Stone of the S'srota. Disappeared along with the Shutaki's Tear after the fall of the Empire and the Al-malik/Imperial overtaking of Beacon.

Thane Sigfaddir Firestorm of Hargard
A ruthless Vuldrok ruler who enthralled the heroes and stole their wondrous Vau-modified ship, the Rog'itloi. Lately they have enraged him further by working for Thane Morgan Fireblade and aiding him to defeat his Sigfaddir's brother - Fangir - who was later killed by Morgan in a duel on Raven.

The Charioteer's Guild
Actually only the enemy of the defecting ex-chief Charioteer Jason Saunders.

The Slayers Guild
Not a real enemy, but with a life time, non-retractable contract to kill the defecting ex-chief Charioteer Jason Saunders.

Universal Church & Inquisition
Actually only the enemy of Brother Joseph Sanquinus, who has been accsed with heresy and excommunicated for his heretical gospels.

The Oruga Khan
A dark and powerful antinomist and servant of Mortos the Devourer from the barbarian worlds. He hunts the philosopher's Stone known as the S'srota that is guarded by Brother Joseph Sanguinus. Many times has he crossed the heroe's path and tried to trick or kill them in order to get the S'srota. He was temporarily defeated, but not killed, in the Sky Tear system. Later he attacked them in the Frost system as well as on Hargard. On Hargard the heroes finally managed to kill him when destroying his ship. But is the dark antinomist truly dead?

The Akhar Kafiri of the Kurgan Caliphate
A faceless influential heathen terrorist of the Kurgan Caliphate who seeks to overthrow the Caliph. According to obscure details uncovered by the heroes, the Akhar Kafiri is a renegeade Decados kossack. Hates the heroes for spoiling his chance to kidnap sheyk Fazil Al-Jabira and has vowed to hunt them down and destroy them.

Caliph Apis el Shadai of Sky Tear
The dreaded undead antinomist master of the Oruga Khan who rules the darklands and the insane of Omega 6. Has planned a fate worse than death for the heroes who broke his hold over his most powerful pawn The Jailor and stolen the Eye of Cha'Vanc.

Governess Asheti of Basan, Sky Tear
A potent psychic and megalomaniac Kurgan governess of the starport Basan on Sky Tear. A member of the Kuriltai and responsible for harvesting muazi for the Caliphate. Wants revenge for failing in capturing the heroes and turning them over to the Ikwan-i-Sihr.

Phazona of the Grymkalla Hive
A dangerous female symbiot breeder who disapproves of the heroes staying alive after having seen their hive. Now, after having usurped thepower over the Hive, Phazona will kill the heroes on sight.

Barak Din of the Gonjeen Republic, Khotan
One of the most ruthless men of Khotan, Dictator Barak Din wants the heroes dead for killing his police officers as well as aiding rebels and foreign spies while trying to locate their kidnapped friends.

Chief Marko Gebbler of the Muster
The primary henchman of the late antinomist Mao Jungh of Kish and the former chief of security onboard the Neptune Express. He barely escaped the ship in a shuttle, after having been uncovered as an antinomist. If he ever crosses the heroes again, he will surely kill them to hide his ties to the darkness between the stars.

Marquis Luca van Gelder
Like all van Gelders he dislikes Hawkwoods and busybodies who interfere in their business. Although managing to humiliate the heroes and steal a second republic artefact from them, he was later challenged to a duel by Sir Charall and lost. He is no friend of the heroes.

Metonym Glams Darvo
The deadly church metonym spy is a sworn enemy of the sathraist heresy. With a patriarchal seal she cut through church red tape in her hunt for the Hidden sathraists and their secret sanctuary world. When the heores escaped death as Heretics she became obsessed with their fates. She hates them on both a personal level and a zealous level, but is sure the Pancreator will smite them with all the empyrean force available to his humble servant.

Invisible Path
After having meddled with the affairs of the dangerous Invisible Path and disrupted the Overmind Project on Criticorum and the Displacement Project, the Lux Faroukh and Lux Machiel have put a price on their heads.

Captain Beliah "The Devil" Black
The notoriuos and blood-thirsty pirate lord wants the heroes alive for cruel and ever lasting torture for having escaped and double-crossed him and infected his entire crew with the painful and fatal "Gut Rot" disease of Ungavorox. Further escapes have only made things worse for the heroes....

Houses Hawkwood, Decados and al-Malik
After the Imperial Court found the heroes in general - and Charall in particular - to be involved, or outright guilty, of the assassination of Lady Elanya Decados and her lover Brian Hawkwood in the Guesthouse on Critocorum. The Mutazi of House al-Malik further suspects the heroes to harbour or protect the death sentenced war criminal and traitor Major Majid Salochin.

Sister Magdalena of the Brother Battle
This war-scarred and slightly mad zealot Sister Battle from the Stigmata front is another sworn enemy of the sathraist heresy. After the heroes meddled in her plans to gut the sathraist strongholds on Manitou, she hates them with a fervour.

Brother Battle Order
After revealing footage of the most secret (and most likely hererical) ritual to Zhekelyos, Lord of Hosts, the Brother Battle higher clergy decided to drop the Sathra Heresy charges against the heroes. But if they could ever eliminate this most incriminating evidence against them.....

Duke Ivan Ratzin Decaods of Ellibyrge
The new duke hates his brother Vladimir's existance and fears that he might somehow gain House Decados favour again and retake his position. He must die, along with all his lowlife followers.......



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