The worlds that once were lost during the Fall of the Second Republic are today filled with all sorts of Barbarians, following heretical beliefs and making a living of raiding the Known Worlds for riches and slaves.
Kurgan Caliphate: Barbarians from the Kurgan Caliphate are actually quite polite and mannered.  Their ways may differ enough to spook a peasant, but they are intelligent and learned, preserving many things from Second Republic culture that was lost to the Known Worlds after the Fall.  Much like the Moors fighting the Spanish, the Kurgans are engaged in a conflict with the Hazat over a lost world. The Kurgans are very well organized, and they have managed to hold the Hazat off for a very long time (of course the Hazat were fighting the Emperor Wars, the Kurgans, and each other too).
Vuldrok Star-Nations: Big burly viking-types who are not unified into one coherent entity, but consist of many smaller star-nations.  The Vuldrok Raiders actually live up to the stereotype of the barbarian held by most peasants: they are rude and brutal in their behaviour.  Used to taking what they want by might, they rarely heed rules of social propriety and tend to get very miffed when reminded of them.  They have been making incursions into Hawkwood worlds.
Lost Worlders: Every once in a while, a closed jump route reopens or a forgotten route is rediscovered.  Barbarians from worlds that have been isolated for centuries may trickle in, either on their own or brought back by explorers from the Known Worlds.  The variety among Lost Worlders is unending, since all they have in common is their planets' long isolation.  Barbarians visiting the Known Worlds are sure to attract the Church's attention, for they risk corrupting the Faith with their heathen ways.


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