The Church of the Pancreator is formed of five main orders, or sects.  In addition, a few minor sects are tolerated, such as the Hesychasts (mendicant monks), the Preceptors (scholars and teachers), the Ven Lohji (Ur-Obun sect), etc.
Holy Sects  
Urth Orthodox: The largest sect, it is the Orthodoxy that most people associate with the Church.  Its priests can be found on all worlds, from the ostentatious bishops of the capital cities to the more humble parish priests in the most poverty-stricken fiefs.  While the Orthodoxy has gained a reputation for their cunning political maneuvers, most priests know little of such things, being entirely too busy protecting the souls of the simple faithful.  While many may spurn the Orthodoxy for its martial role in the Emperor Wars, when tragedy strikes, it is the Orthodoxy they return to for consolation.
Sanctuary Aeon (Amaltheans): Also known as the Order of Saint Amalthea the Compassionate.  Healers and compassionate mystics.  Everybody loves the priests and priestesses of Sanctuary Aeon, followers of Saint Amalthea.  When an Amalthean comes to town, there is always someone willing to provide hospitality for her.  Indeed, so beloved by the commoners are they that when one was once accused of witchcraft by an Avestite, the Avestite was seized by the populace and burned at the stake instead.
Brother Battle: This order of monk knights is the most elite fighting unit in the Known Worlds, surpassing even the Emperor's Phoenix Guard in martial prowess.  Originally initiated to protect pilgrims and pursue heretics, the order is now chartered by noble houses, Church sects and even guilds to perform elite military operations on many worlds, including the deadly Stigmata Front against the Symbiot alien invaders.  Despite rumors of heresy and usury within their ranks, everyone wants a Brother Battle monk by their side in times of trouble.
Temple Avesti: Dreaded inquisitors.  The Avestites long ago seized most of the seats on the Inquisitorial Synod, and have since then made it their duty to search the Known Worlds for signs of heresy, demonism and any other threat to the faithful.  Their illiteracy, fear of learning and dogmatic adherence to certain extreme scriptures makes them feared and hated throughout Human Space.  But they are obeyed nonetheless.  Only the most fanatic and ascetic initiates are admitted to this sect.
Eskatonic Order: These hermetic sages are often thought of as wizards by the common folk, but the nobles and guildsmen know them for the kooks they often are.  While there are many within the order who possess profound wisdom and learning, there are just as many who are obsessed with the end of the universe and who stand on street corners telling everyone about it.  Once considered a heresy by the Orthodoxy, the Eskatonics were admitted into the fold when their theurgical rites proved effective against the Symbiots.

Lesser Ordens

Mendicant Monks (Hesychasts): Humble monks who seek to master and fully understand the teachings of the Gospel by mastering their minds, their bodies and their souls. Contemplation, hermitage and meditation are the manifestation of these zealous, yet quiet, prophet-like hermits.

Chorali: Blessed singers, whose very words hold something of the Pancreator's blessing.



Incarnates: This heavily persecuted church sect believs that the holy words of Zebulon was corrupted by the first church fathers to suit political needs. Incarnates believe in the Incarnate Spirit contained in every sentient being created by the Pancreator. Religion and worship of the Pancreator does not need a physcial and restraining hierarchial order of priests and church, and incarnates allow for no higher authority than bishops.

Gjarti: Forbidden belief in the Universal Mother and the various nature spirits that reside and rule her realms. Attunement to nature and the natural balance of things are important to this Gaia cult. Practiced by simple serfs of mainly secluded Hawkwood fiefs.

El-Diin (Kurgan): The structured and colourful religion of the Kurgan Caliphate. The All-Maker, the maker of Stars is resposnible for creation of all things. The Caliph is his prophet and his voice in the material world. With his unworldly insights and communion with the All-Maker, the Caliph can rule justly over the Ordul-Diin - the Faithful Horde. Although not acknowledged, the religion shares many things with that of the Universal Church, such as belief in the purity of ones soul, Zaiboulu the first Prophet (Zebulon), Palu the Traveller (St Paulus) and Heru the Wise Man (St Horace). Important manifestations of the religion are the Hajj (pilgrimage) and the Jihads (Holy Wars).

Erdgheist (Vuldrok): The religion of the Vuldrok Star-Nations is as diversified as the various tribal nations that make up the Star-Nations. However, some effort has been made to order the various deities into one accpetable mish-mash of deities, referred to as the Erdgheist. War Gods, Winter Gods, Fertility Gods and Gods of the Deep Space and Jumpgates are but a few of this Gjarti inspired religion.

Zuranists: A animistic worship of spirits and master/maturity of ones spiritual self. The religion is popular among gypsie-like people travelling the wilds and Known Worlds. The Libro Esperanza serves as the main link and gospel to the Zuranists, created by a man of visions.Wise women (Blanca Matres) and fortune cards (Fata Cards) are other manifestations of this forbidden religion.

Manja: Ancestral worship originally found among the Li Halan before their Elevation to Grace. It still survives and is held a careful secret. Worship includes summoning and communing with dead ancestors in secret crypts holding their remains.

Antinomists: A collective name for all those foul and fallen humans and aliens that worship the dark entities from the Qlippoth (Hell) and the Darkness Between the Stars. Always seeking ways to taint or entrap the souls of men and to destroy the worlds and humanity as we know it today. In reality, the ideologies and goals of these cults are as diverse as their dark gods. Many innocent cults are often accused of being antinomists, before ending their days at the pyre.


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