Fading Suns RPG - what is it?

H umanity's once-bright future is fading. The ambition that propelled it to the stars and inspired two great republics has died, replaced by a fear of technology and a hunger for stability. Royalty and serfdom have overtaken enlightened republican rule, and most of humanity cowers before the might and sermons of the Universal Church. The church decries technology as sinful and as proof that man has usurped of powers best left to the Pan-Creator points to the very real fading of the suns, a phenomenon allegedly caused by mankind's excesses.

Fading Suns RPG is a fantastic game set in the far future, where humanity with the help of relic jumpgates left by a mysterious progenitor race has conquered the stars. Serfs, nobles, churchmen and merchant leagues wrestle for power in space and on terraformed worlds that are slowly dying from human hubris or the fading of the suns. All the while, dark forces conspire to consume the souls of men.

But, why invent the wheel again? Why re-write what others have written so well. Therefore this website contains information borrowed from other excellent Fading Suns sites and the official HDI Fading Suns site.

For more information about this fantastic setting, read Holistic Design's Introduction Leaflet
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A Tale of Imperial Heroes
Story so far....

The Heroes

Sir Charall Hawkwood of the Phoenix Order
A brave young Hawkwood noble of pure and honest heart, who has humiliated his House and sided with the Emperor to become one of his Questing Knights. Famous and popular among serfs and magic lantern shows. The discoverer and ex-governor of the Lost World Beacon.

Imperial Cohort Jason Saunders (ex-Chief Charioteer)
A successful Charioteer with many jumpkeys. Living with a price on his head for having turned his back (and his jumpkeys) on the mighty Charioteers Guild to become an Imperial Cohort.

Imperial Cohort Zorin Blackwood (ex-Engineer)
A renegade Engineer who fled from his Scraver servitude (paying off a damaged starship), now enjoying the protection of the Emperor as an Imperial Cohort. However servitude until death is the only contract that exists among the secretive Supreme Order of Engineers.

Sir Jaredh Marcellus Juandaastas
A human negotiatior and trained diplomat from the alien friendly House Juandaastas. Although capable of the required nobleman's wielding of arms, Marcellus prefers the more subtler ways of solving problems with the aid of his oratory skills. Despite havinga promising future as a diplomat, Marcellus finds himself doubting his faith (or that form of faith) and seeks something among the Fading Suns.
Read some of Sir Marcellus' additions to the Theological Debate

Imperial Cohort Thomas Deluga
An escaped chainer slave from Malignatius who hates ice, snow and cold winds. Very adept at fighting and survival skills, this gullible freeman just managed to survive a symbiot infestation, but is still referred to as "Symbiot Scum".

Father Simon Ven Lahjal
A curious Escatonic priests raised by Obun foster parents on Velisamil. A seeker of hidden and often heretical information and a true Escatonic trouble-maker in the eyes of the Orthodox Church.
Read some of Brother Simon's additions to the Theological Debate

Scraver Nomi Silverlight
An obsessive and tech hungry scraver, expert treasure hunter and retriever of old technology. She has undertaken the dangerous task of travelling barbarian space for her own gain and personal reasons. Having recently banded with a questiong knight and his retinue of Imperial cohorts, Nomi's expertise in hacking think-machines has come in handy more than once.

Baron Vladimir Razin Decados
At first belived to be a sole surviving security officer of the Muster Guild onboard the captured Dercados ship The Sunscreamer known as Derfeld LeBon. Vladimir held on to his life by controlling the security codes that kept the ship running and proving his loyalty to his new Vuldrok lord. Vladimir has also proven to be a very apt psychic with very scary bodily deformations. After having been nearly killed and subjected to the S'srota artefact, Vladimir has somehow changed. Nobody but he knows how.......
Read some of Baron Vladimir's additions to the Theological Debate

Ex-Heroes (abandoned PC's or PC's without players)

Jeron al-Malik
A silent and secluded member of the equally secluded House al-Malik. Famous for having added the Lost World Beacon to his families holdings. Now strangely touched by a Philosopher's Stone with awakened psychic powers and a new-won religious fervour.

Josiah Baladan
A radiation sick and merciless bounty hunter from the Lost Word of Twilight. After having betrayed by his former employer, Josiah banded with a Questing Knight and a Vuldrok Star-Thane for further passage and a chance for revenge.

Joseph Sanguinus (Tadjiro Li-Halan)
A Brother Battle who saw the true light of the Pancreator after having been in contact with a Philosopher's Stone. Joesph now spreads his new gospel to the masses that come to hear him and his magical voice. His heretical preachings are the new concern of the Church Synod and the Inquisition.He is also currently the guardian and bearer of the Ur artefact known as the S'srota.
Read some of Brother Joseph's additions to the Theological Debate

Allies & Enemies
See list
"We have the death sentance in more than twelve systems......"

Vows and promises
Some of the heroes have by choice or inconvenience stumbled into love affairs, betrothals or even parenthood amids the tangled political web of the Empire. Others have frequently vowed to slay certain enemies, perform certain quests, attain certain goals.
You can read some of their vows, outcries and comments here.

Cool Pics
Samples of the amazing artwork of John Bridges and other artists, which give flavour and a face to the fading Suns universe.

See also the shocking artwork of Martin, wielder of the Brother Battle monk Joseph Sanguinus and the theologist Marcellus Juandaastas.









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