Vows & Promises

Some of the heroes have by choice or inconvenience stumbled into love affairs, betrothals or even parenthood amids the tangled political web of the Empire. Others have frequently vowed to slay certain enemies, perform certain quests, attain certain goals.

May the following be known to all in the Empire, nay, to all of Known, Lost and Barbarian worlds:

October 10th 5007 Marcellus' love letter to Esmeralda San Ortiz de Hazat
May 20th 5007 Father Simon ven Lahjal's Assignation of Penance
September 25th 4999 Sir Charall Hawkwood's betrothal to Lady Pandora Justinian
August 28th 4999 Sir Charall Hawkwood's surrender of his Beacon Holdings
August 27th 4999 Regal Court Ruling #69433
June 6th 4999 Sir Charall Hawkwood's bastardization of Dimitri Decados


Marcellus Juandaastas love letter to Esmeralda San Ortiz de Hazat

Light of my life!

Oh Esmeralda; my Esmeralda! Where art thou sweet Esmeralda? Our love is a beacon of immaculate sincerety but prejudice and close-mindedness (mostly from sexually ambigous co-players) still come between us and our long yearned for union. Until these obstacles are resolved we are forcefully separated and split apart by those who do not understand the nature of true love. Obviously they block their minds against such difficult emotions as warmth, caring and compassion. But why should it be of any importance that you are a Hazat and I a Juandaastas since love knows no boundaries? This is folly and shoul be paid no heed!.
Alas! Do not let this get the better of you my dear but look toThe Pancreator and remember instead that I will bear you with me in my thoughts where ever I go and always hold you in highest regard. You complete me and make me a better person, even more suited to the humble devotion of your person and I see in you my soul-mate. Never could I expell you from my heart, The Pancreator forbid it, even if I wanted to. You are my pristine angel, my muse and my reason to live!
Remind yourself that we live in an age of miracles where rabid vilolence and crimson hatred just might be conquered by the entagling power of love, and even though much still needs doing before this eventual bliss turns into a reality, rest assured that nothing bars out the omnipotence of the heart.
I will pray for you and for us!

Soon in your embrace,


Father Simon ven Lahjal's Assignation of Penance
(Entry in the Scriptures of Correction)
Originally in shorthand as written by apprentice Jacob Machiavelli, appointed clerk to the revered Magister Felorak of the Pandemonium chapter house Anno Pancreatori 5007.

Simon Ven-Lahjal! You stand before this Congregation accused of crimes most disturbing, unworthy of both your stature as Philosophus and the trust put in you by your peers. Your companions have with impeccable detail and recollection accounted for the event while you yourself have valiantly pleaded your cause although it is said that the words of a wise man's mouth are gracious; but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself.
The members of the sanhedrin have rigorously and vividly weighed the facts presented before them upon the scales of good and evil and through arduous discussion and long prayers finally come to a consensus which we would firstly like to motivate.

To take another mans life is to forever extinguish a part of the Pancreator’s radiance and never a thing to be taken lightly. Under certain rare circumstances such as extreme necessity or imminent salvation of souls in danger it can be sanctioned, but never so because of fear and prejudice getting the better of an ordained priest.
The fact that you did not present or use the actual weapon yourself to perform the act of killing, if not execution, does not make you unaccountable in any way. Instead the compelling fact that you so diligently persuaded your unlucky comrade to pull the trigger makes you the sole bearer of guilt according to this assembly as well as in the eyes of the Pancreator. Furthermore we find using and exploiting weaker and less able souls in this fashion most unbecoming and more suited for a callous Scraver than a man of the cloth.
As this was not nearly enough you further disgrace yourself and drag an esteemed family name in the dirt by not taking full responsibility for your chosen actions, cowering behind your concerning friends while trying to incriminate and turn them into scapegoats. Friends who obviously care a great amount for you as they have gone to lengths in safe guarding your immortal soul. Bear in mind Simon that narrow is the road and wide is the gate that leads to the Seventh Emanation and your soul is the thing at risk in this present, not your worldly shell!

There were times when some of us argued in your favour as the spiritual status and corrupted Flame Within of the victim was some what questionable, meaning essentially that it was a deprived and wretched mans death you ordered. Still it is the general opinion within the sanhedrin, considering the information at hand, that the ill-fated and unfortunate victim was not beyond salvation and his murder therefore irrevocably unjust.
Others mentioned that you boast the basis of a sound character, a reasonably untarnished Inner Flame and a well tuned intellect and thus maybe should be trusted regarding your capability in assessing the risks and need of lethal force during the event.
Alas; the road to the Qlippoths is paved with good intentions while the road to salvation is paved with good deeds, and due to this the majority finally ruled nay as your inherent qualities mentioned earlier should have brought you to turn your other cheek. Depressingly enough you chose instead to lash out against a prone and disarmed foe while being goaded into an intellectual stupor by unrestrained fear.
This act of violence, so severe and uncalled for, indicates that measures will have to be taken in order for you to relearn that life is more than merely staying alive and no-one is free who is slave to his own body. A religious man, such as you so proudly claim to be, is a person who holds the Pancreator and man in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others, whose greatest passion is compassion and whose greatest strength is love and defiance of despair. Your lack of compassion and affinity for despair comes down heavily upon you brother.

It is also our saying, as to further motivate our decision, that already when you long since accepted your novice robes you were also made duly aware of the morals and ethics that are the back-bone of our order including the yoke of responsibility attached to them.
Celibacy - Obedience - Humility - Secrecy.
The Escatonic Order is an institution renowned for its wisdom-seekers, as haven for arcane lore and synonym with education and open-mindedness. Never were we famed for our unscrupulous murderers!
You of all should thus know that with great knowledge comes great responsibility and in this you have failed your brethren greatly. The purpose of our Order is not to avoid difficulty, but to produce a character adequate to meet the end times when they come. It does not make life easy; rather it tries to make us great enough for life. We are all striving to be resolute in action but gentle in manner which you have blatantly sat aside and the Congregation therefore solemnly but saddened rule that your verdict is guilty as charged on all accounts.

You Simon Ven-Lahjal have in contradiction to your vows and obligations agitated others to commit crimes on your behalf and will now reap the full consequences thereof. You have led inferior and gullible minds astray, using your influence and trustworthiness as priest whilst doing this.
Instead of setting a well needed example for your flock when direly needed, you entered a state of primal terror. Reason and compassion, provided in plenty during you education and schooling, should have prevailed and not so easily been afflicted by pride and vindictiveness.
Because of your failure to embrace some of the fundamentals in the Prophets teachings and the unwholesome love you hold for the mere vessel of your soul, a life was spilt. You have forgotten that faith is a living and unshakable confidence, a belief in the Pancreator so assured that a man would die a thousand deaths for its sake.
Also you have neglected the untold laws of compassion and though the Congregation recognize that it is most human to err you must be made to relearn that forgiving is divine. He that cannot forgive others breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself; for every man has need to be forgiven.
For your own good the correction attached to these your sentient choices will be appropriately fitted to counter the vileness of the acts.

By the power invested in this Congregation by the authority of Magister Felorak of Pandemonium, foremost amongst the Eskatonic Order and herald of the Pancreator, we hereby sentence you Simon Ven-Lahjal to a most dire servitude of penance. Dura lex sed lex! This will not be easy upon you brother, but nor should it, since an unwished for but festering malice has taken to your heart and needs to be soundly exorcised.

To make amends and show us all, and most importantly yourself, that you have gained insight in the wrong of your ways you must come to terms with your vengeful pride and once more begin to practice the art of humility. Ethical religion can be real only to those who are engaged in ceaseless efforts at moral improvement. By moving upward we acquire faith in an upward movement, without limit, and to regain our confidence in your morals and priestly qualities you must lift your standards immensely, not only in words but also and foremost in actions.
Those of the residing clergy most knowledgeable in The Pancreator’s mysteries have in order to set you on your path explored the universe to be and for a split second they managed to clear away the mists of time.
Exactly what they saw during this most sacred rite will for your own well-being and safety remain a secret kept by the sanhedrin. What on the other hand is imperative for you to know is that you:

in a time and place unknown, are predestined to overcome your shortcomings by willingly and mercifully saving the life of your most hated enemy.

Do not doubt us in this but reconcile with the fact that this will happen whether you rush ahead to meet it or fate has to drag you by the ears! It could mean tomorrow or it could mean in a decade, it is not for us mortals to know but for the Pancreator alone whose schemes are great but mysterious.
You may consider all of this as vague but by now you must be aware that such are the ways of augury and the will of the Great Creator and it is now your task to solitarily find your way amidst all of this.
When these terms have been met to their fullest and not before, not even if the Eskaton is upon us, will we once more welcome back our prodigal son Simon Ven-Lahjal into our flock.

Go now in peace brother and sin no more!


The Congregation would also as a conclusion to this debacle like to administer special gratitude towards Sir Marcellus Juandaastas and Imperial Cohort Thomas Deluga who at great personal risk and in a sincere spirit of compassion first brought us word of brother Simon’s deviation. Your fortitude is to be commended gentlemen and speaks of true companionship way beyond that of obligation.
I can only hope that you in your hearts may find the grace to forgive your lost brother Simon as forgiveness is man's deepest need and highest achievement.

Walk forever in the light of the Pancreator!


Sir Charall Hawkwood's betrothal to Pandora Justinian

Oh my dear dumplings, if you would but believe the words that are to come out of my naughty mouth.

You might remember that dashing Questing Knight by the name of Sir Charall Hawkwood. Yes, the very one that discovered the lost of world of Beacon and who reportedly participated in a sinful masquerade at Lady Nikita Decados' pleasure palace on Cadavus. The very same brave knight which later was involved in that embarrasing Regal Court affair regarding an offspring of his with Lady Nikita Decados. As you undoubtly have heard, this knight and his mighty sword (which I have heard is long), has a tendency to get himself into trouble, both with his own family and with the Guilds and the Church.

Anyway, no sooner had he returned home from his famous adventures amidst the barbarians of the Kurgan Caliphate and the Vuldrok Star-Nations (where he undoubtly enjoyed some of the local "scenery"), when he threw himself in the all to welcoming arms of Lady Pandora Justinian. According to a very reliable source, this was not the first time that Sir Charall and Lady Pandora met tête-à-tête. Now keep from fainting my sweet dumplings, but Sir Charall Hawkwood is actually since two years betrothed to the sweet man-hunter Pandora. A fair catch for a lady of a lesser House I would say, but sad for the rest of his mistresses who delight in his dashing adventures and stare desireously at his collector cards evening after evening.

The wedding is planned for "sometime in the future" which to me implies that Sir Charall might be considering to abandon his rash promise to Lady pandora and could be looking for someone elses arms to rest in.

So, keep your hopes up, sweet abandoned love maidens, for Sir Charall and his mighty sword might be coming your way soon.


Lady Dahahalima


Sir Charall Hawkwood's surrender of his Beacon Holdings
Imperial City, Byzantium Secundus

Let it be known that:

Sir Charall Hawkwood hereby surrenders all claims to his holdings on the world of Beacon and his title of Governor of Beacon, leaving instead the title to the Imperial Office and the holdings to the Sanctuary Eon in honour of their tireless services to the suffering and needing, of both mankind and all its sentient brothers, sisters and beings of other races.

By authorization in signing

Chief Jonathan Plantagenet of the Reeves


Regal Court Ruling #69433
Regal Court, Imperial City, Byzantium Secundus

Let it be known that:

Sir Charall Hawkwood, son of Sir Conrad and Lady Alicia Hawkwood of Leminkainen has, after considering unrefutable and undeniable proof, been found to be related in royal blood to Dimitri Amalinov Decados, son of Lady Nikita Amalinov Decados of Cadavus.

In accordance with unrefutable Regal Law, as dictated by the Holy Pancreatorset in the dawn of mankind, approved by the holy Universal Church and protected by the Royal Houses and Emperor Alexius Hawkwood I;
Dimitri Amalinov Decados is to be regarded as the firstborn male heir of Sir Charall Hawkwood, entitling him to full rights of succession, meaning that all titles, holdings and possessions owned by Sir Charall Hawkwood shall fall to Dimitri Amalinov Decados in the unlikely event of Sir Charall's death, by evidence or declaration of death in his absence.

Amantes sunt amentes. Durum hoc est sed ita lex scripta est


Sir Charall Hawkwood's bastardization of Dimitri Amalinov Decados
Imperial City, Byzantium Secundus

Let it be known that:

Sir Charall Hawkwood has had only business relations with Lady Nikita Amalinov Decados of Cadavus and has under no circumstances had any relations of sexual or even social nature with this woman.

Sir Charall Hawkwood has under no circumstances visited that den of sin known as Tjorka Manse Decados on Cadavus, nor attended that sinful, distasteful and infamous masquerade known as the False Flesh Ball.

Sir Charall has no legitimate son with Lady Nikita Amalinov Decados and that the boy Dimitri Amalinov Decados is an impostor and fabric of the foul Decados political machinery in an attempt to cast a shadow over the Hawkwood name.

Legal Declamation by Chief Jonathan Plantagenet of the Reeves




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