Who made this site and why?


My name is James and I'm a Swedish/English halfbreed living in Sweden. Apart from having passed my law exam, working with sales & management and being a devoted rugby player , I also dabble in role-playing.

My wife Caroline, my son Elliot, my daughter Molly and my rugby is my passion. Work....is something I do.
Role-Playing is nourishment for my soul.

Except for Jorune, I also gamemaster Fading Suns and the odd adventure here and there in Call of Cthulhu, Vampire, New Dawn (our own post-apocalypse game) and M.E.R.P (Middle Earth Role-Playing). Other favourite games are GURPS Discworld and Paranoia. It also happens now and again that I run free-form (rather free-world) adventures using a mix of rules.

Me, enjoying a beer in Brussles


Why I made this site?

I first heard about Jorune through an exciting advertisment in Dragon Magazine. 
( OK- I confess- I played Dungeons & Dragons when I was young. Nobody's perfect! ). 

It was the amazing artwork and the cryptic questions that captured my imagination and made me shoot down to the store and buy myself a copy of Skyrealms of Jorune.
( Is it true that the shantas once fought the humans thousands of years ago? What happens if the giggit awaken before they reach Tan-Iricid? Why should I worry about isho? I can't even see it!..... )

As soon as I was hooked, the game vanished. None of the supplements I ordered came and it seemed that I was alone in the universe with this cool game (the Internet was virtually non-existent for mundane humans at that time). So, I started to answer the mysteries of Jorune through my game sessions. Over the years, the game expanded and the world became more detailed. New rules were added, maps were drawn and cultures explored.

Now, I thought it was time that I shared the stuff I have created with others. If I was an isolated sholari I would be happy to find additional stuff on the net. Hopefully there must be something that could be of use to somenone.

And, yes, there are hidden messages and links on this site. Mainly to amuse my players and see if they can find them. (Search for The Berella pages)


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