Celestial body type :

terrestrial planet
Distance from gravity well :

147 800 000 km from H21
Equatorial Diameter :

11 896 km
Mass :

5,62 x 10^24 kg
Orbital period :

324,2 days
Axial tilt: 22 degrees
"Sho-Caudal" (Shantic)-Vast Fluid Body
"Terrameer" (Fransei)-The Earth Mother
"Yawin" (Dow)-The Living World
"Tiirwelt" (Than) - World of Animals

The living and breathing world that births life to all and everything. Taken for granted by most, yet vital and vulnerable. The coveted prize of the evil Dreamlords.


Jorune was originally blessed with only one sentient species, the Shanta. Now, after two waves of alien invaders, the Shanta unwillingly share their world with 18 other species (counting all the human mutations separately). In this part of the site I will share whatever additional material I have written about the races. 

The race descriptions in the Skyrealms of Jorune game are very detailed and I have seen no reason to change them. Instead, I have only further expanded the knowledge about the races by delving further into their religion, language and comparing their physical traits. 

Size Comparison
(Including ramian, corastin and croid)

Inhabitants Essays

Acubon Secrets 
Some additional information about the misty origin of this mysterious and very xenomorph race as well as some of the secrets of Lake Dau-uh-Dey that they try very hard to keep.

Cleash Genetic Hierarchy 
Details about the cleash society and its genetic hierarchy, as well as some more arcane and ancient secrets that paint a more sinister and dangerous picture of the cleash

Racial Attributes
A comparison of physical attributes, senses, strenghts and weaknesses of the different races of Jorune.

Ramian Caste System
Details about the strict ramian caste system that governs the ramian society.

Salu Sailors
Some insight into the diverse culture of the amazing salu and their mostly unknown past.

Scarmis Society
Information about the genetically ordered society of the scatter-brained scarmis.

The Lamorri
Information about the dreaded lamorri that still haunt Jorune.

Thivin Families
A glimpse into the strictly patriarchal trading families that walk Jorune and govern the lives of all gentle thivin.

Trarch Tribes
[Coming soon]

Spread of Humanity on Jorune
Short introductions to the history and spread of the numerous human cultures of Jorune, past and present.

The Sky People
Short description of the isolated and secret Sky People that have been lost to their cousins for millenia.

Geographical Spread of Species
Maps detailing the habitats / realms of the different intelligent species of Jorune.

The Vucians [Coming soon]

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