Celestial body type :

  planetary satellite
Distance from gravity well :

108 798 km
Equatorial Diameter :

2 682 km
Mass :

3,73 x 10^22 kg
Orbital period :

2 days
Orbital inclination : 5 degrees
"The Warp Maker" (Shantic)
"Kaurr" (Rorch-ko) -The Overseer God
"Shivvo" (Thuvill) -The Lonely One
"Huud'hab" (Boru) -The Clockmaster

The small white moon is in a constant state of flux. Darker areas of Tra swirl about. Many believe  future events can be predicted through the study of Tra.


That mystical and highly potent energy force, that is vital for most Joruni life, will be explored in this part of the site.

I have long tried to further develop the use and appearance of isho. I wanted to take a great step away from standard Dungeons & Dragons magic and try to explain it more scientifically. It is, however, important to understand that for the inhabitants of Jorune, even the harmonics, isho is still something mystical and powerful.

Isho was thoroughly described in the original game, but still left huge gaps and many questions unanswered. Over the years I have tried to explain the isho further and map the extent of its power and possibilities.

When altering the rules to suit my type of game I also tried to make muadra more unique. Instead of dysha slinging magicians, they became the only human race that could perceive the isho and manipulate it. The mechanics of Shantic Technology and its use is invisible to humans and boccord, but can be mastered by muadra. In order for the players to get this feeling of manipulation I created rules and a system to how it works.

Isho Essays

Isho - The Invisible World
A description of what isho is, how it works, how isho sensitive creatures percieve the world around them etc.

Weaving the Isho
A description of how weaving and other isho manipulative skills works. It also touches vital parts of most muadru cultures.

Isho Technology
How the enigmatic shantic technology really works and a list of artefacts. This essay is created for my own revised Jorune game system - Codex Jorunis.

Dysha List
A list of the common dyshas, their effects and how to use them in Codex Jorunis. Also some new dyshas - some unweavable by mere muadru.

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