Celestial body type :

planetary satellite
Distance from gravity well :

212 992 km
Equatorial Diameter :

3 084 km
Mass :

6,48 x 10^22 kg
Orbital period :

7 degrees
Orbital inclination : 0 degrees
"The Flow" (Shantic)
"Mar'pil" (Nurisian) -Seaguide
"Sslurr" (Abahth) -Night Light
"Haak" (Skamaani) -Shining Sentinel

Seen by many as the symbol of nature, this bright green moon gives off enough light at night to walk and sew by.

Flora & Fauna

This section of the site will contain information about all of Jorune's nasties and uglies. With that I mean its flora and fauna, which I have made quite grim and hostile towards humanity. Players have often complained that nothing is cuddly and nice on Jorune. Its all teeth, claws and horns.......well.....that's my Jorune for you.

Picture Gallery

You can also find my Picture Gallery here. Many of the pics are drawn by late artists (most of them querrids) who had an unhealthy wish to study various parts of the Jorune mega fauna up-close.Other pics are simply chosen for their (according to me) special touch or ambiance that fit perfectly into the world of Jorune.

Do you have any pics for the picture gallery?
Contact the sholari:

Flora & Fauna Essays

A list of limilates, their effects, appearance and costs. Some references here to my own revised game system for Jorune.

Natural Hazards of Jorune
A list of the usual, but also unusual and unique geographical dangers of the alien world that is Jorune.

Johennon Beastiary NEW
A personal field study and listing of Joruni sflora and fauna. [Work constantly in progress]


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