Zodian "Big Z" Tildor

Whatever happened to....

Big Z - infamous ex-captain of the Ardoth Butchers, who scored more than 180 Hoops and Pacified more than 35 key Forwards during his magnificent and often bloody career as a Khetla Pike-Forward.

Just before his retirement Big Z had won 6 Ardoth Championships and participated in more than 12 City Challenges.

Now, his physique is rumoured to be somewhat less impressive (or bigger at least...) and his current whereabouts seem to be various shenters and mayoo pits.

How hard the big ones fall......

Sindra Jarvine
Dhar Ritess of the Ardoth Weekly

From the Archives:

Ardoth Weekly 43rd mullin -97

At Home With Big Z

A sunny day in mullin, I, Sindra Jarvine, was invited to the captain of the Ardoth Butchers for a small lunch and an exclusive "At Home With" – interview.
The handsome and powerful Khetla captain lives in a magnificent mansion with a splendid view of the city. A long pathway leads up to the house where Zodian receives me in his touring bathrobe.
He explains:
“This bathrobe of Cushindel Silk was given to me during the – 92 tour to Koistra and I haven’t been seriously injured since. It’s my lucky bathrobe.”

The mighty Z shows me around the house, which is well furnished and has a cosy feeling about it. Zodian and I finally take a seat in the dining room for a light lunch. The shelves of the walls are filled with prizes and medals from Zodians extraordinary career.

“So, Zodian, please tell us how you first came into contact with Khetla?”

“Yes, yes, I’ll tell you Z’s story. The first time Zodian saw Khetla was in Gauss. Z was a little boy then, he, he, if one can ever say that Z has been little.
(The enormous captain who speaks about himself in third person laughs and stirs his samra tea long and thoroughly. I note that it is 23 times clockwise and 3 times counter clockwise)

“Z saw the game and was hooked, what more can one say? What more can one say – Big Z is Khetla, Khetla is Big Z. Everybody loves him.”
(Big Z and his silky bath robe suddenly seems to sit closer to me….)

”Well, yes. And all the prizes you’ve won! What is that big prize over there?”
“Oh that! That is City Championship -96. Z led the team, seven hoops in a row, what more can one say. None but rhe Z could do that!”
(Pause for tea drinking and a new stir, 23 clockwise, 3 counter clockwise)

“Your fans would like to know, how true are all the rumours of the wild parties after the games?”
“He, he (the musculuar and handsome giant rumbles). Wild and wild, Z rocks, what more can one say. Wherever Z is, there’ll be a blast. Come down to the Lucky Dog and see for yourself!”

“And love? Our female readers demands to know if you have a permanent relationship?”
(A wry smile from the big Ardoth Butchers captain)
“Z belongs to all women out there. Z has love enough for all of you. No, no permanent relationship.”

“In some circles you’re regarded as a living legend. Do you agree with that?”
“Well, what can one say. If everybody says so it must be true, or what do you say pibberine?”
“Eh, well, hmmm…. You’re comrades have described you as very superstitious. Is this true?”
”Certainly not! Z isn’t superstitious, only better than others. Come along to the training pit and Z will show you.”

The tall and striking captain now seems fired up. He brings me along to the back of the house where weights and training equipment litters the yard. The handsome giant tells me:
“Here is where Z trains more times a day than anyone else. He lifts more than anyone else. Look at this!”
Big Z lifts the biggest rock I’ve ever seen straight up into the air, as if it was a little pibber. Fantastic! The captain of the Ardoth Butchers works his way - bare chested - through an intense training session with sweat gleaming on his muscular body.

Z ends the session by explaining:
“Nobody trains as hard as Z, nobody does more push-ups, nobody is stronger than Z!”

Sindra Jarvine


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