Drogan the Beaster


Alatus antidote for sale at discounted prices!

Come on in and try it for free! Guaranteed customer satisfaction or your gemlinks back.

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Excerpt from Lonely Planet - Tan-Iricid

"......just outside the bustling sea-port of Tan-Sor on the peaceful island of Tan-Iricid, there is a strange house packed with animals. This is an alatus farm. Here lives Drogan the Beaster and it is here that you can purchase the antidote for the poisonous bite of the alatus.

You will recognise Drogan by his joyful mood, his tall and slim build, his all too long pot-hair that hangs down over his eyes and the red cauliflower ears that stick out of the tangle of hair.

Drogan is often seen sitting out on the porch enjoying the setting sun with his large, terrifying dog Lukazail, laying at his feet. The great dog has enormous jaws and a poisonous bite, so unannounced and unlawful entrance is at your own risk. Flying around the porch will be some of Drogan's favourite alatus. Alatus are flying, blind serpents with a poisonous bite that live in packs. Drogan somehow seems immune to the paralysing bite of the Alatus - but YOU have to be more careful!!

Do not let the great dog or the alatus scare you. If your intentions are good, you are more than welcome to Drogan's house. Drogan will always greet friends with a smile, but watch your step if the animals are roaming free throughout the house.

Faraway guests from strange and foreign lands will do well to bring along some rare or strange kind of animal, which Drogan immediately will attempt to train.

It is said that Drogan does not know who his parent were. The only clue is a medallion he carries around his neck. So, if you recognise this medallion, do the Beaster a favour and help him find clues to his past."

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