Falkem Johnom

Salty Sea-Dog

Probably the most flea-ridden, lying, dirty, well-travelled, able sea-dog north of Dorakon. Despite his age (50 - but looks like 60), Falkem is still a man to be reckoned with. Giving an appearance of a back-bent, half-deaf old sailor, Falkem has suddenly broken many a head with an oar or a bucket.

Of selective hearing and questionable breeding, Falkem was born sometime and somewhere in Yobreh roughly 50 years ago. He mustered aboard a ship headed for strange and exotic lands at the age of thirteen and has only been home seven to eight times (isn't sure).

During his latest visit he found his only remaining relative, Tavar Brinko, heading for disaster as githerin of Yobreh. Using the fine old technique of getting-him-drunk-

and-hitting him-on-the-head, Falkem pressganged Tavar onboard the Smitten Pibber headed for Burdoth, in order to teach him the true virtues and duties of life - which mostly consisted of drining, fighting in foreign harbours and visiting ladies of ill repute.

Despite having been abandoned and hung over in several ports Falkem somehow always manages to survive to appear soemwhere else. His latest story (or lie, decide yourself) is having broken into and escaped from a Ca-Desti stronghold somewhere in Hobeh where nobody's every been or ever heard of.

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