Friends & Foes

After years of adventuring, spywork, trouble-making and being generally too nosy for their own good, the heroes of Jorune (Read also Scum of Jorune) have earned many enemies.......but amazingly enough also some friends.
Below follows a list of all these dangerous, as well as benevolent acquaintances, listed in geographical order. [Pics will follow soon....]

Burdoth Thantier
Heridoth Anasan
Khodre Sillipus & Eastern Islands
Ros Crendor N. Drail, Ponteer & Sharharras
Doben-al & Coastal Kingdoms S. Drail (South Sea)
Temauntro Tan-Iricid
Jasp Voligire
Dobre & Lundere Without Boundaries
Foes listed in red
Uncertain loyalties listed in orange
Friends listed in green


[Pics coming soon]

Queen Myriam of Shatur
Hates Lukazail, Mojjk, Jer-Emiah and Snogard for acting on her assassinated husband King Avicca's order to take away his son Vucarin to be raised in Burdoth. After having ruled Shatur for nearly ten years, Vucarin returned and retook his throne by buying the priest caste with his lure of hybrid tech that would revitalize the religion of the Sleeper. Myriam is currently imprisoned at Shatur where her hatred brews further.

Drenn Sarassa Vikell
Once a respected Drenn and a champion of the Democracy movement, Sarassa chose to side with (or was lured by) the insidious Berella conspiracy organisation. She betrayed the rebels and was responsible for the death of many rebel leaders during the time of the revolt against the usurper Rasec Turgerin. As she technically did not betray the realm as such, she escaped the Shissic death and remains imprisoned at Fort Varigal. She hates the heroes for capturing her and destroying her Berella dream.
Chuval the Quick
Once a deadly Redcape captain eager to please the usurper Rasec Turgerin, Chuval managed to flee his imprisonment after the rebellion. He is now at large and hates the heroes for using and humiliating him during those final days at power.
Drennit Tereged Dharnevic
Influential rivalling dharlerrin owner who had his plans spoiled to take over the Ramov Dharlerrin and other lerrins by using blackmail, bandits etc. The heroes also protected two toth who had struck him and fled when he tried to force his way with the toth's wife

Drenn Tanja DharNevic of Salam'arine
The widow of the late Councillor Drennit Tereged DharNevic who was assassinated. Despite Yordeh having freed the heroes of suspiscion, the widow and her hateful sons still suspect the rival Dharlerrin owners of the deed.

Sokollis and Vattalis Has'Maar
Once the to-be regents of Lusail, the two volatile brothers have opposed their father's handing over of power to the people and have sworn to overthrow the Democrat Rebels and retake their throne. They hate the heroes for their key parts in the rebellion and for foiling their plans to force their father to take up arms against Ardis.

Ruga Katalla
The foul githerin kesht of Salam'arine. Wants the heroes dead for meddling in his illegal affairs. Knows the heroes are dharlerrin owners in Gauss. Known for his ruthlessness and his execution creshi pool.


The Il-Shyee Caji (Death Weavers)
For harbouring a defected member of their ranks.

The World Weavers
On the hit list for having aided their enemies and laid their hands on their experimental secret new technology.

The Reycen Brothers
Hates the owner of the Ramov Dharlerrin (the heroes) for spoiling their shirm-eh trade in the Gelig Valley in Gauss. Often work for Ruga Katalla.


Nauts Reycen


Set Reycen


Tonat "Pibber" Reycen


Rhakesht Kharam Allonkarb
The black sheep of the Allonkarbs but Dharsage Khodre Dhardrenns uncle. Hated the players for usurping his corrupt rule in Drailoth (Burdothian Drail colonies) by aiding the Drailoth rebels. Powerful, influential and allied to the Berella, Kharam was killed when he no longer was of any use to them. DEAD


Iscin Tiok Gillwood
Seemingly dull and harmless advisor and co-conspirator (maybe the brains) of Kharam Allonkarb.


Copra Caji Morconda (The Corondon)
Formerly the second in command to the Vodra, a smuggler and githerin lord of Ardoth (in reality DharCopra Caji Snogard). Morconda overthrew the Vodra during his absence and took control of the growing githerin organisation. Wants the heroes dead (especially Snogard) for interfering with his affairs, leading Redcapes to his door and lately when foiling his plan to become one of Ardoth's sholari during the reign of the usurper Rasec Turgerin.


Copra Caji Saki Charr
A mean and vicious female caji who serves the Corondon as his second in command. She leads a considerable band of diyorda cajis and dytes from the muadra slums of Ardoth. Once a servant of the Vodra, whom she has standing orders to slay.


Rog and Dhar
Two experienced bounty hunters paid by Kharam to locate and kill the heroes in Ardoth or Burdoth. Nobody claims to know the streets and informants of Ardoth better than them.


Hekra Delamon
Ruthless daughter of the late emperor Delamon and trained in politics, espionage and assassination. Having been deceived about her father intentions, she made her way to Burdoth and assassinated several of the heroes relatives before attackning them. When seeing the error of her and her father's ways, she swiftly aided the heroes in their quest and disappeared. She was last seen attending the Cryshell Palace court.

Grey Tamas
The former spy master of the Cryshell Palace now works for the DharKim in a similar way. It is unclear whether the sly old fox welcomed the rebellion against the usurper Rasec Turgerin or just played along to save his skin. Is Grey Tamas a friend or foe to the heroes?
DharKimmit Drenn Peytir Vuura
The Drenn was a close associate of the Drenn Sarassa Vikell whom had sided with the Berella during the revolt against the usurper Rasec Turgerin.Peytir denied any involvement with the Berella and ,managed to secure a position as DharKimmit of Ardis in the first free elections thanks to his Democracy movement ties. Can he be trusted?
DharKimmit Terek N'aville
Once the advisor of Rasec Turgerin, Terek always claimed that Rasec was mad and tried to be a voice of reason at his side. Terek managed to both clear his name and be elected a DharKimmit in the first Burdothian elections thanks to his klade and former Council of Ten contacts. But is he or was he a trusted a servant of Rasec? Did he serve somebody else?
High-Priest Mycel of Shatur
Former advisor of the Priest-King, then the Champion King Avicca of Shatur and finally co-conspirator of Queen Myriam of Shatur. Now the sly priest ha sided with the new King Vucarin whom was put on Shatur's throne by Burdoth and the heroes. Mycel originally hated Lukazail and Snogard for providing Burdothians with the secrets of Shatur, looting of their ancient artefacts and the destruction of the Sleeper.Now the power of the priests has been restored with secrets of hybrid tech. But is Mycel to be trusted?

Rasec Turgerin
Once the Colmon of the infamous Redcapes of Burdoth - coordinator and leader of many covert operations and extremely suspicious of the ex-Redcape heroes who were once declared shissics of Burdoth. Rasec was then elevated to RhaColmon of the realm upon the Dharsage's assassination and usurped the throne for over 2 years. Although many belived he had taken his life, Rasec fled the palace during the people's revolt and is still at large. It is unclear what Rasec's role was, if he acted alone or as part of another organisation, such as the Berella, the White Legion or some other party.

The Old Man
A friend of Rasec and maybe one of the hidden leaders Rasec served. The question is: who is he, whom does he in turn serve and what is is agenda? Is he friend or foe of the heroes and the realm?

Sholari Zuuna and Caji Viiras
Two elusive members of the World Weaver society of southern Dobre. The warp hunting caji gained an important warp map as a reward during the search for the sagins. It is unclear what the World Weavers agenda is and whether Sholari Zuuna and her apprentices are friends or foes of the heroes.


Sage Kollanis Has'Maar and the Lusail Court
Although the wise old kesht was aware of the heroes precarious mission as emissaries, his sons, wives and court might not be. After a failed assassination of the heroes, which would have forced Lusail to ask forgoiveness in shame or plunge themselves into the brewing civil war, some court scheemer has a debt to repay to the heroes.. After the Democratic Rebellion, Sage Kullanis ceeded power to his people and the local DharKim, but remains at the palace with an honorary Sage title.


Tamas Norton
Daredevil smuggler, gentleman githerin and robber of the rich, who has a comical vendetta against Salam'arine's authorities (including Ruga Katalla). According to legend he laughs in the face of danger and gives charity to the poor. A local hero and a good sailor who loves disguises and danger.
(Picture of Tamas Norton disguised as Captain Okam)

Tamas Norton disguised as Captain Okam


Keshtia Jamilla Gellip
Influential and probably the richest keshtia of Salam'arine. The very person one must know to actually know anything. Supposedly a very good (and seduced) friend of the heroes (Jer-Emiah Gerrig especially).


Keshtia Nisia Allonkarb
Kharam Allonkarb's miserable wife who accused him of the death of their son. Has helped the heroes in the Cryshell Palace where she and Kharam resurfaced after the Drailoth catastrophy.

Terol Klade of Ardoth (NGH)
The klade falsely believes that it has received the one and only true copy of the map to the Island of Giants from the Next Generation Heroes. As the Island reputedly hold vast riches, one can only guess at the klade's reaction when/if it finds out that other parties also hold copies of the map.
DharKimmit Kesht Jurantar DharWinter
Once the unwilling political partner of Kharam Allonkarb and one of the leaders of the Sons of Burdoth rebels who opposed the rule of the usurper Rasec Turgerin. Jurantar made an attempt to claim to the throne during the chaos after the Dharsage's death and now sits in Burdoth's DharKim thanks to his popularity amongst the Whitehands, althewhile denying any involvement with the Berella who "duped" his competitor/partner. But is he to be trusted?
Martin "Red Martin" Durmerris
The Redcape Colmon, once responsible with investigating and capturing the heroes. His honour was bruised by being lured into the Vodras lair, enabling his captives to flee. Red Martin later cooperated with the heroes (as a member of the Voices of Reason rebel alliance) in the rebellion to overcast the usurper Rasec Turgerin.
DharYordica Kesht Labadis
The DharYordica of Ardoth is grateful to the heroes for freeing him from the dread Fort Varigal prior to the rebellion against the usurper Rasec Turgerin.
DharKimmit Drenn Sobrin of Allidoth
The official wise old democrat leader is grateful to the heroes for freeing him from the dread Fort Varigal prior to the rebellion against the usurper Rasec Turgerin.
DharKimmit Kesht Jarod Turressey
The trusted childhood friend of the late Dharsage Khodre Dhardrenn, Jarod was carefully made the people's favourite and was named the warden of the Sagins until they come of age. Jarod officially led the rebellion against the usurper Rasec Turgering and now serves as the Chairman of the DharKim. He is grateful for the patriotic services of the heroes, for freeing him from the dread Fort Varigal and for finding all pieces of the Dharsages Last Will & Command.

Rhakesht Nohecca IV
The offical Burdothian emissary and ruler of the troublesome city state Shatur. Grateful for the heroes aid in solving the Vucian mystery.

Iscin Veratta Komlesh
Unscrupulous bio-tec iscin who attempted to make bio-tec shirm-eh for the ramian. Severely burnt when the heroes set fire to the ramian ship. Has no love for Burdoth, the heroes or ramian. Now resides in Salam'arine under the name of Iscin Tatarev Helmkos but was discovered by the heroes. No attempt was made to uncover him and Veratta was even given the chance to attone for his sins by assisting Councillor Johennon to create a cure for the dreaded Gauss Plague, Now Veratta sees a much brighter future for himself.

Sholari Ashana Copra Tra
The shantic sholari attuned to the sacred Coric Haijica isho enervor of the western Glounda Mountain Vales. Although not really a part of the secluded caji school, the shantic sholari is often consulted for his wisdom. Although the heroes have never returned to the Haijica School , the sholari is grateful for their help in retrieving the thosk stones from the Liggit Thosk.


Captain Shallic (The Shadow)
A captain of the Ardoth Guard who is grateful for the help in defeating the cleash at the Battle of Baysis and closing the cleash controlled warp of Meshka-Tra.


Celiok, foreman of Ramov Dharlerrin
The crafty and loyal foreman of the Ramov Dharlerrin that was given to the heroes by the Dharsage as a reward for they loyal services. Celiok has over the years proven to be a loyal foreman and runs the Dharlerrin in the heroes absence.

King Vucarin Lucaram of Shatur
Once the protegé of the heroes, sent away by his father King Avicca as he feared for his own and his spoilt son's lives. After the king was assassinated by his own queen, Myriam, the heroes dragged Vucarin along throughout the world and countless dangers. In the end the spoilt brat became a man and much wiser to the world. After two years he was placed in the custody of the cryshell palace and there raised with the Sagins to be groomed into the new King of the troublesome Shatur protectorate. Vucarin dabbled in hybrid tech together with the late Aleyksander Dhardrenn and their mentor Viyda Ardiss (actually the insane Berella leader dayvid Terra). Vucarin finally assumed the throne of Shatur in 3511 with the aid of the heroes.
Kesht Beram of Delmre
The friendly kesht hosted the heroes deep within the red Suh'larvan swamp and welcomed their secret plea from Rhacolmon Rasec. He listened to their advice about shantic ruins and seemed to be a loyal citizern of Burdoth as well as a newfound friend..
Ca-Launtra shantas of Lashula Valley
Using their membership in the White Legion, the heroes managed to befriend the elusive Ca-Launtra shanta of the newly reclaimed Lashula Valley in the greater Gauss Valley. The Ca-Launtra aided the heroes stop the rampaging Dreamlord designed Gauss Plague of 3510.

Finn Manjaro
Hunter and trapper, cousin of the infamous Kilimanjaro La´holahan of Liggnie. Currently employed as gamekeeper of the Ramov Dharlerrin.


The Cushindel Blount
Simple hunters and gatherers. Ever grateful and friendly to the owners of the Ramov Dharlerring (the heroes) for cleansing the Cushindel swamp of the beasts haunting it (freak ramian-attacking recos that were created by Veratta Komlesh).


Copra Caji Illinor Shard of Therka Kerning Bay
The owner of the Therka kerning bay with a sore spot for Snogard, who has her ear to the Ardoth ground. She has helped the heroes several times, but has always insisted on handsome payments. Most recently Snogard avoided violence between maudra and Recapes during the riots following the Dharsages assassination and the discovery of the experimental isho neutering device that all fractions wanted to lay their hands on..

Sholari Varna of the Therrka Kerning Bay
The wise sholari is grateful for the heroes support and trust in the revolt against the usurper Rasec Turgerin. He is especially grateful to Snogard for handing over the hybrid tech isho neutering device for investigation, althewhile reporting to his Cryshell Palace superiors that it had been destroyed.
DharKimmit Kelrik Jurah
Formely known as the official shissic rebel leader of the Sons of Burdoth, Kelrik used the tothis' love for him to gain a seat at the new DharKim after the successful rebelion. Despite having been somewhat tortured by the heroes, Kelrik sees them as allies and friends in the dangerous political corridors of the Cryshell Palace.

Drennit Markiss Jarpell (NGH)
Influential Ardisian Drennit from Ardoth who is grateful to the Next Generation Heroes for bringing back his spoilt teenage daughter Jasmina from shame and blackmail in Sychill.

Iscin Sobastian Toshkin (NGH)
The lederly Iscin is very grateful to the Next Generation Heroes for freeing and returning hsi friend the famous explorer Perrin Tomell from the clutches of the ramian.
Tomell Family (NGH)
The family of kladesmen and explorers is eternally grateful to the Next Generation Heroes for freeing and returning thir kinsman - the famous explorer Perrin Tomell - from the clutches of the ramian. It is however unclear how they will react to the heroes having spread the invaluable secret sea charts to various parties in Burdoth and Heridoth..



Jorah DharWinter
The ex-Burdothian military attaché to Dobre, who turned out to be an unwilling Berella agent. He fled Tlon when the heroes began investigating him, but a letter found in Terc, Thantier, gave clues to his presence in Heridoth where he would break The Wheel.


Sage Kelir of York
Grateful for revealing a Thanterian marital assassination and infiltration plot against him. However not satisfied with having to make peace with the Children of Lenkha, whom he had planned to conquer for their riches.
Furthemore he hates the heroes for haviong foiled his plans to become the new unifier of Heridoth and revealing his ties to the Berella. Shamed and forced to flee from Koistra Sage Kelir has had enough of the heroes.

Captain Sung of Dowsen (NGH)
A gire scum and minion of the Dreg of Sillipus. He hates the heroes for destroying two if his ships and stealing his prize - the famous explorer Perrin Tomell.
Kesht Varkin Yardonk
The young new hero of Heridoth who united the Sholian and Koistran League in order to put a lid on the brewing civil war and to defeat the Dow incursion into Sholia. Having in less than a week seen his father, mother and sister assassinated through - in his eyes - acts of incompetence by the heroes and House Kebeshane combined with foul Burdothian envy, the young kesht is bitter towards Burdoth and Dobre that meddles in Heridoth's affairs and wishes to keep the realm sundered. The recent discovery of Dharsage Silver in Heridoth, the destruction of a Ca-Tra temple and the prophesised union under the New Shandane and his blue sword of Shal in the form of kesht Varkin heralds interesting times to come.
Kesht Sibojenn of House Shavannta (NGH)
The patriarch of House Shavannta falsely believes that he has received the one and only true copy of the map to the Island of Giants from the Next Generation Heroes. As the Island reputedly hold vast riches, one can only guess at his reaction when/if he finds out that other parties also hold copies of the map.
Klademaster Tepek of Koistra (NGH)
The klademaster falsely believes that he has received the one and only true copy of the map to the Island of Giants from the Next Generation Heroes. As the Island reputedly hold vast riches, one can only guess at his reaction when/if he finds out that other parties also hold copies of the map.

King Gorramar I of Lendûra
They are true heroes of the unpopular Children of Lenkha in Heridoth, after having brought back the Soul of Lenkha and restored the city to the Lenkhans after the Yorkni invasion following the battle of Lendûra.


The Kan Lenkha (Children of Lenkha)
Hero status (see above).


Vengeful Kan Lenkha youth whose betrothed was killed by yorkni soldiers during the battle and sacking of Lendûra.

Preko Dos Kebeshane
The Heridothian Whitehand travelled with the heroes for a while - seeking evidence to uncover the insidious conspiracy known as the Berella that threatened his House and realm. After successfully doing and assuming the leadership of House Kebeshane, Preko has earned many enemies, while gaining true friends and allies in the heroes.



The Darkmane Brotherhood
A strange brotherhood of cultists and githerin who control much of the outlaw city Kask. The now corrupt Brotherhood maintains pure, holy bloodlines originating from the Emperor himself. They had been infiltrated by the Berella and the heroes brought in the White Legion to crush them. The leaders fled or killed themselves, leaving the remains of the brotherhood to brood and plan their revenge upon the heroes.


Kesht Jovine DharWin of Kirlan
Very influential ruler of the DharWin family of Khodre (on of the Ruling Families). Might hold a grudge against the heroes for liberating the brilliant iscin Marec KreeKorrum whom she controlled.

Copra Caji Parsha of Lake Dau-Uh-Dey
Notorious pirate of Lake Dau-Uh-Dey who owes the heroes a debt for freeing him from the Khodren/Burdothian soldiers. He once provided services for captain Delange and his mysterious cargo.

Ros Crendor


Hykon of Kerteyga's Red Guard
A despicable boccord bandit adjutant of Jagar Majeer, the Pajé Protegé of Kerteyga, who very much dislikes the heroes for insulting him and poisoning him. Should they ever return to Kerteyga, he will hang their intestines from the city walls.


Moira Dreamweaver
A reincarnated Dreamlord (lamorri) or lamorri essence possessing a human female form. Also known as Jug'Kroch and the ruler of the subterranean Realm of Darkness centred under the Blasted Plains and the Obiss ruins. Wants the players killed (or worse) for having aided in the destruction of her servants and dark realm and helping the newly awakened Vault to free itself to become independent. Lately Moria has discovered the heroes home in Gauss (Ramov Dharlerrin and sent her possessed avatar and Ros Crendorian condrij to steal their souls. She failed and her avatar was destroyed making her if possible even more hateful.


Shorkuul Shadowmaker
Moira Dreamweaver's dark adjutant. Also a Dreamlord possessing a powerful human body with grim facial tattoos. His previous body was destroyed by the evid released by heroes into the subterranean passages of the Realm of Darkness. Before it perished, Lukazail performed the crey removing ceremony and transferred the crey to Shorkuul's body. Needless to say, Shorkuul has prepared worse things than death for the heroes – and Lukazail in particular.


All-Mother Marcine Kolljere of Ro-Obiss
The new dark and fallen All-Mother of the Ros Crendorian priestesses. Being pre-occupied with spreading the new dark gospel of the returned gods, she does not yet see the heroes as a threat.


Ros Crendorian Priestesses
The priestesses were formally the allies of the heroes after their deeds on the Twin Skyrelams and their aid in recapturing and later destroying the Unholy Staff. Mother has rewarded them personally and one of their own travels with the heroes. Recently, rumours come from Ros Crendor that Mother is dead and that the ranks of the priestesses are being usurped by fallen priestesses.

It is unknown whether Mother - the highest priestess in rank in Ros Crendor - survived the Dreamlord's usurpation of power in Ros Crendor. But visions and commands of the corpulent, wise and old priestess still plague the heroes and Jaqueline in particular.

Naracine DharKree of the Loturbain Clan
One of the wisest and most esteemed members of the Loturbain Clan (part of the Tokrem Tribal Nation). Although the heroes were found guilty of having “accidentally” murdered her brother, she made them repay her clan by freeing her people and her father Bodain from the Twin Skyrealms that had come under the influence of a Dreamlord.


The Loturbain Clan
(Part of the Tokrem tribal nation). The clan is grateful that the heroes helped free the villagers of the Nakraateh and KorMaas skyrealms from the evil of the Dreamlord Groschraurr, who had possessed their priestess.


Sister Marlaat
A Meer Sagéss of the Tokrem. She and her sisters are grateful that the heroes broke the Dreamlord Groschrraur's hold over the Twin Skyrealms.


Governor Lowros
The Jaspian in charge of the secret Yasa Skyport on a remote skyrealm over the inner reaches of the Brynkwood Forest of Ros Crendor. He (and the Council of Servants) are ever grateful for the heroes help in retrieving a crystal schooner stolen by the berella and for helping them keep the secret of the crystal schooner's flight.


The Vault
This strange structure/being seemed to have gained true sentience and was helped by Snogard to free itself from the empathic communication network that bound it to its old masters, the lamorri. As a reward the Vault “mended” Mojjk who had been killed by Shorkuul Shadowmaker. The Vault also sent a human avatar (the boy referred to as Vaultemort) to accompany the heroes to learn more about the world. Over the months the heroes learned that the Vault seemed to be hiding its intentions. Besides having improved Mojjk slightly, the Vault seemed to desire power to withstand its former masters, and maybe even to destroy them. Or is this all?


Doben-al & Coastal Kingdoms

King Nicolai of Podrola
The king and cruel tyrant of a petty Coastal Kingdom, whom the heroes angered when burning the holy library of the Keepers of the Written Word and tricking out of his rightful inheritance. The King has offered a great sum for their heads (with or without their bodies) and has saved some special quality time for them in his Chambers of Needless Eternal Pain.

Commander Taraque of Podrola
The ruthless boccord captain followed the heroes far into the Doben-al to avenge the insult upon his king, Nicolai of Podrola, and to find the treasure the heroes were looking for. He was personally humiliated and lured into desert traps by the heroes and would gladly feed the heroes to the pit beast of Doben-al while dining and watching.


High Chieftain Tapeka of the Lunghoth
The high chieftain of the Lunghoth Tribes who is grateful for the heroes aid in solving the bitter and ancient conflict against the Vucians of Shatur.



No friends or enemies here yet........  



Atakis of Aylon
The apprentice of Viyda Ardis (Dayvid Terra – who seems to be the leader of the Berella) who stayed behind in Kirlan to spy on the exiled sajantist Marec KreeKorrun. Most probably a dangerous member of the Berella. He left with the rest of Viyda's friends for Aylon when the White Legion started to investigate Viyda Ardis in Kirlan.


Keregos Jhay of House Jhay
Influential son of the ruler of the mighty Jaspian Trading House Jay. Keregos is a fat, ruthless man who tries desperately to create enough wealth to make him independent of his father and maybe one day the house ruler. Mens lives are worth nothing to this spoilt brat. Recognized by his black, claw-like prosthetic right hand. He hates the heroes for destroying his chances to retrieve the unholy staff and setting the Ros Crendorians upon him. After having spent two months in the filthy Ros Crendorian prisons of Kerteyga, he was finally ransomed by his father (to his great humiliation). His hatred for the heroes now runs deep.


Children of Choi Sterneye
The heroes once encountered Choi Sterneye of the Silent Ramian of Jasp when they delivered an important message from the ramian's son, who had died in the South Seas. The message told of a Vault that had been opened. Seeing that the heroes had met with the lamorri essences before, Choi asked them for servitude in uncovering the foul schemes of these restless spirits. Those that accepted became his adopted children and were his eyes and ears across the world. Now, the aged Choi has finally succumbed to his skvaar and left his Children unguided. However, the struggle goes on, the evil lamorri essences are more active than ever.


Khalajos Jhay
Famous Jaspian explorer who together with the heroes, found the legendary lost shantic city of Meg-Aleisha in the heart of the Drail jungles. Forever a friend after those ordeals. Now feeling his age, Khalajos tries to stay home in Jasp at least one season per year.


Captain Charis
Once the quartermaster of the foul Captain Delange, Charis was left behind when Delange found himself a new partner in the Berella. Vengeful, the female caji joined the heroes in their search for Delange. After humiliating Delange and retaking “her” ship The Sharussa, Charis became a freelance pirate of the Sharharras and Ceridis Seas. After gaining many enemies, Charis finally managed to find the fabled treasure of the pirate Torroc Dhar with the heroes aid. She has now withdrawn to her homeland Jasp for life of cream and luxury.


Rissa Willham Arcat and Naressa Arcat
The sad brother and sister were separated early in their childhood, but found each other again when Rissa returned to Khodre as Fusheen Kladesman with orders to kill Naressa. After having discovered their past, Rissa feigned being killed and struggled hard to find enough money to take himself and Naressa to safety and begin anew somewhere else. However, the Fusheen Klade suspected him to be alive and sent the Retirer to kill him. The heroes helped Rissa to destroy the Retirer and later gave him sanctuary with Choi Sternhand in jasp where he could mend his severely crippled body. [See Characters for more info]






Dobre & Lundere


Falkem Johnom of Yobreh
An old salty sea-dog human serving aboard woffen ships and uncle of Tavar Brinko. He journeyed to haunted old human ruins in Hobeh and forbidden shantic villages with the heroes before returning to the sea. He has now retired in the human part of Yobreh. [See Characters for more info]


Lieutenant Hoduuh of Tlon
The bronth lieutenant faced the horrors of the Mairricks Caves of Gilthaw and managed to flee with the heroes. Although blinded by the acid spitting great serpents of the cleash, Hoduuh is ever grateful that the heroes managed to help his men and the captive slaves flee the cleash.


The Nurisians of Dobre
They heroes are remembered by song and legend for their incredible escape from the demons of the Frozen Sea with the nurisian slaves and their battle with the old DharSammoril of the Deep.


Rememberer Voo'rah of Crendor
A bronth Rememberer who is grateful for their help in solving the mystery of the troubles Fort Seefar in forbidden Crendor.




Bishop Hansh Terenté of Lanna
Pluran bishop who had his plans to infiltrate Heridoth through the marriage of his daughter to the sage of York spoiled. Shamed and sent home in disgrace he wants to exact his revenge upon Mojjk.


Lady Laita Tarenté
Conspiring daughter of Bishop Terenté. See above.


Commander Dircona
Eastern Ceridus commander of the United Thanterian Navy who hates them for eluding his ships and being beaten in a duel by Lukazail. Wants revenge.


Prince Berucca of Valarach
The ambitious newly ascended half Thodicean – half Coronian prince's plans to rule all thodicean kingdoms with the aid of Dayvid Terra's fantastic weapons were foiled by the heroes. In the final fight against Dayvid Terra and his Power Armour, the Prince was badly burnt in his face and torso and lost an arm. He hates the heroes forever for this.


Captain Hinrik Steglitz
Dakrani and captain of the United Thanterian Navy, whose family was insulted by the heroes by a daring theft of a family war heirloom during his engagement party. Hinrik's father, Vicctor was later crippled by the heroes when he tried to retake his possession and avenge the insult.


Vicctor Steglitz
The now crippled dakrani patriarch of the Steglitz family of Azgir Island . Influential and very hateful towards the heroes for their humiliation of his family and by shaming his remaining life to that of a cripple.


Vitor Bequin of Terc
A very influential dakrani of Terc with a strong military background. Acting as a general of the Berella, Vitor coordinates much of the Berella's efforts. His three sons control the eastern Thanterian army stationed in Anasan and are together with the Berella planning something. Vitor is aware that the heroes infiltrated his mansion in Terc and his secret chambers. For this trespass there can be only one punishment – death.


Princess Alina of Moorshae
Sister of Prince Masinor of Kralarach and the late Prince Alsinor of Moorshae. Ever grateful to the heroes for avenging her assassinated brother and later for aiding Moorshae and Kralarach against Prince Berucca of Valarach and Count Olwier of Kulai.


Prince Masinor of Kralarach
Ever grateful to the heroes for avenging his assassinated brother and later for aiding Moorshae and Kralarach against Prince Berucca of Valarach and Count Olwier of Kulai at the battle of the Kralarach Gates. Ruler of the mysterious Kralarach Valley with its shantic ruins.


King Vagunder
A rouge hillmen king of the Lus'ikai mountains who is grateful for the heroes helping him save his clan from thodicean lowlander attacks from Count Olwier.



King Hataka of Mas'ka
Last great black king of the hidden Sky people of the high Thodic Valleys . Ruler of the remnants of a small, legendary kingdom centred on the thermal Mas'ka plateau high above the snowline and known for their wondrous Tepinna airships. Grateful for the heroes aid in averting a Berella attack upon their people.


Sky Childe Langka Juur
The holy child of the Sky, stars and moons of the Sky religion. The religious leader of the Immoran religion, who was rescued from Berella capture by the heroes. She and King Hataka see wisdom in making careful contact again with their long separated lowland kin.


Vacil Cotor
Last of the Cotor family and a poor farmer who was restored to his family's royal status after the heroes found the legendary treasure and grave of the infamous pirate lord Torroc Dhar (who was a Cotor). Trusted friend and only lowland farmer experimenting with Mountain Durlig (a gift from Snogard and Nod Norroc).



No friends or enemies here yet.......  

Sillipus & Eastern Islands


Matirikiv Reveen Girelord of the ruling Four of Twathigire
Former member of the four Tirtive of Vinteer until discovered involved in scandalous destruction of human-ramian relations by the heroes. Disgraced and degraded to a Matirikiv (Province Lord) of Sillipus. After this the heroes severely injured and humiliated his offspring Hasjaar the Tirikav, destroyed one of his ships and maybe permanently shut an ocean warp from his domains. Worse things than death await the heroes in Sillipus......


Tirikav Hasjaar
Reveens mentally disturbed progeny and Tirikav (kinslayer), who was defeated by Lukazail in a duel. Hates them, and especially Lukazail, more than Reveen does.


Larchko Varichee Choi
A larchko (lord) of the Kativi Sea whose offspring was killed by Brett “Soldier” Olsen when the heroes shut an ocean warp east of Sillipus.

Sholari Nebbon of the Shal Legion (NGH)
The terrible and powerful leader of the feared Shal Legion hates the Next Generation Heroes for tricking her out of her treasures awaiting her expedition to the Eastern Islands. As the sholari is known for her vengefulness and terrible wrath - intereresting times are awaiting.
Trulga Caji Joe Nebuka (NGH)
The vengeful and selfish trulga Caji hates the Next Generation Heroes for shaming him by defeat and for falling from grace with his ramian masters.

Sardon D'obreth
An influential human lord and ruler of the Inner Reach of Sillipus. Having many contacts all over the world and a considerable hoard of earth-tech artefacts, animals and crops, Sardon D'obreth certainly sits on a mighty secret. Grateful to the heroes for helping him cement his power in Sillipus by showing/bluffing the ramian he could control their ocean warp.

The Salu / Tchobyska symbiot (NGH)
Once known as chief Tektol Sammorilbane, the strange symbiot creature owes the next generation heroes its eternal gratitude for braking the awakening power of its ancient and cruel masters of the Island of Giants. It now resides on Three Point Island in the Eastern Island Chain.

N. Drail, Ponteer & Sharharras Sea


Ponteer Ramian
The rochka have placed a price of 200 karmech (20 gems) on Lukazail's head for being an escaped crey-man who put valuable Utam Gachubar-Crey to death before leaving.


Captain Delange
A ruthless boccord pirate who relocated from the Jaspian Sea to the Dargeda Brotherhood in Drail for transporting a stolen cryo tube for the Berella. Hates the heroes for rescuing his Erucian prinecss hostage, humiliating him and stealing his ship The Sharussa.


Captain Mennic
Captain Delanges partner who wants revenge for having his camp destroyed, his prisoners freed and himself humiliated. Captains the Nerilla.


Captain Jonas Capill of the Tarochill Guard
A brutal captain of rhakesht Kharam's corrupt city guard. He was replaced by Lukazail and fled north to the port of Khaldoth where he once again is employed as Harbour Captain. He wants revenge for the injustices he feels Lukazail has done to him.


Drenn Royc DharMarlevin
Once a powerful drenn with mines in southern Drailoth, he now resides in exile in Khaldoth after the rebels took over Tarochill. Hates the heroes for messing up his tidy world.


Captain Ullrick
Coronian pirate and traitorous ex-companion of Caji Charis the pirate. Now the captain of the Sharussa and vengeful towards the heroes for having spent half a year in a Thanterian naval prison for being a pirate.


Klademaster Sheline Mykos
Once the lover of Kharam and main conspirator against his destructive affairs in Drailoth. The stunningly beautiful, manipulative and seductive woman has now lost much power to the rebels but still remains in Tarochill.


Larchko V'Kiir of West Vareech
The appointed ramian governor of the area neighbouring Drailoth. Despises the heroes for luring him into a truce with the humans of Tarochill that had raided his forefathers' tombs. The deal was not honoured when the rebels took over and the heroes fled.

The Three Sholari
Feared Shal Legion renegades whom after an unusccessful coup against Caji Nebbon fled Sillipus. After roving and searching for artefacts, they usurped the Armadan Sea Emperor. They hate the heroes for causing an uprising agaijnst them and cheating them of Torroc Dhar's treasure in the necropolis of Erucia.


The Dargeda Brotherhood
Led by the feared pirated lord Micail of Shamento. For abusing their “hospitality” and upsetting the “trade” of his subjects on at least two occasions, the heroes might not exactly be in favour


Captain Ranihyn
Big-mouthed captain of the Dargeda Brotherhood, who is cowardly and greedy enough to provide the heroes with information.


Lord Cerecil Cyratas
Influential and powerful Erucian ruler of the Cyratas family domains in NW Drail, who knows the heroes are Burdothian spies. Was forced to sell them information but holds no real grudge. Might betray them, dispatch of them or deal with them again.


Sage Ivan of Draiteer
Ruler of the Independent Coronian Colony of Drail known as Draiteer. Sage Ivan was enraged by the border skirmishes begun by the Burdothian rhakesht of southern Drailoth. After the assassination of his emissary to Tarochill, he sent his army to deal with the Burdothians. The heroes managed to parley and uncover the Berella plot to start a war between the two young states. Sage Ivan got good compensation for the wrongs, but has not yet been compensated by the new rebel government. Also, the heroes did not complete his mission to free his lands of the scourge of the two demons. Luckily he assumes they are dead…….


Prince Volec Ricaras
Ruler of the Ricaras family's territory in the Erucian Drail colonies. A very influential but old ruler who is handing over his affair to his son Ceratil. He will always house or protect the heroes for saving his slightly dim-witted daughter Nacila from the Dargeda Brotherhood (Captain Delange).


Ceratil Ricaras
High assassin of the Erucian Colonies and heir to the Ricaras family territory. The brother of the Nacila. Ever grateful for the heroes help in freeing his sister. Met them during his quest to find her and has found them to be honest and able bodied men.


Once a fat spoiled cook of fine dakrani families, this man was hired to accompany an expedition into the steaming uncharted jungles of Drail. The ordeal changed the man and turned him into a fit, spitting and cursing fighting machine with an awakened sense of adventure. An eternal friend of the heroes after their ordeals together. Also known as Used-To-Cook-For-Sages and Haven't-Cooked-For-Ages. Normally a resident of Dorakon, Drail.


Kamarish Mapmaker
A skinny old man who has sailed all the southern oceans. An expert mapmaker who always seems to survive imminent death and who claims never to have been lost. Now a sickly resident of Dorakon, Drail, where his mean, greedy daughter takes care of him.


Drenn Kasper Kardoth
An adventurous Whitehand who sought fame and glory in Drailoth. Not seeing the danger of the Drailoth unrest he was caught in the middle of the rebellion. Later freed by the rebels he stayed in Drailoth, forever a champion for justice and seeker of glory.


Syrela Marad-Shee
The proud and vengeful female leader and warrior of the south Drailoth rebels whose father and brother had been killed by Kharam. Leading the rebel attacks against Kharam's troops she desperately tried to rescue her kidnapped sister without revealing their connection. She is grateful for the heroes' help in overthrowing the corrupt rhakesht Kharam.


Niril Marad-Shee
The docile and shy sister of Syrela Marad-Shee, rebel leader of south Drailoth. See above.


Stanro Golo-Sor of Rolo-Gator
A renowned fadri of the small thriddle colonies of Drail. In return for information about the ramian of Vareech and a Shield of Passage to Ko'Chori, the thriddle was granted permission to write down the fantastic tales of adventures the heroes had experienced.


S. Drail (South Sea)


Matirikiv Korochka Chokulsha
One of the feared korochkas (high-priests) of the ramian and one of the South Sea Girelords (a matirikiv) who wants to see the heroes dead for having witnessed the opening of a Vault and reported this to Choi Sterneye.
The dark matirikiv also hates the NGH for preventing her defected servant Degralochi Utarax from awakening the sleeping gods of the fabled Island of Giants in the Eastern Islands..


Talanki Mag of Sharcoth
For having been marked with an evid curse by shantic allies of the heroes whom he had enslaved.




Drogan the Beaster
Incredibly gullible and friendly beaster who lives outside Tan-Sor with his dangerous pets. A former fellow adventurer and a very good friend.


Marec KreeKorrun
An exiled Ros Crendorian Sajantist genius, full of revolutionary new inventions and ideas. Extremely gullible and easily tempted to dabble in forbidden or unknown areas, he has attracted the attention of most rich sponsors who have been fighting over “ownership” of this genius. After having experimented dangerously with both lamorri tech, bio-tech and hybrid isho/earth-tec, Marec was in the clutches of Keshtia Jovie DharWinter of Kirlan. The heroes accompanied him on an expedition to find the Sky People and then provided him with a haven on Tan-Iricid. Now finally free, Marec is ever grateful and helpful, if absent-minded and forgetful.



Chiven Rachu-eh Krocheer & Tirtive Triach the Holy (NGH)
After assisting Krocheer in stopping degralochi Utarax from awakening the foul and dark ancient gods (lamorri essences) of the ramian, the heroes gained the gratitude and protection of one of the Tirtive of Voligire. No little thing.....

Without Boundaries


The Berella
A secret worldwide conspiracy bent on infiltrating the ruling bodies of human realms and inciting shantic wrath for unknown reasons. Many influential drenn and dakrani have been drafted as well as disillusioned iscin. Named after the regal ghosts of murdered Thodicean Kings. The players are wanted dead because they known too much and have interfered with their plans one time too many.


Dayvid Terra
Last survivor of the Shendarri Children created from ancient genetic cryo-bin material. The super intelligent but accursedly mad iscin was foiled from uniting Thantier and now leads the worldwide Berella conspiracy organisation. Has seen his plans foiled several times by the heroes and now sees them as dangerous enemies to his cause.

A new and upcoming powerful Berella leader who was involved in the rebel purges during the Ardoth rebellion against the usurper Rasec Turgerin. Rasec is dangerous, well equipped and surrounded by deadly Berella troops.


The copras of the heroes have been stored and they are all known as enemies of the feared shantic sect. All are wanted dead for interfering with the Ca-Destis war against humanity, for joining the White Legion and for freeing prisoners from Tonondra in Hobeh.


The “Stern” Circus
The deadly Thanterian circus knows that the heroes work for Burdoth and would not hesitate to kill them on sight. Especially since they are aware of the circuses true loyalties. Most members of the ensemble have strange and deadly skills.


The assistant of Marec KreeKorrun and a Berella spy. He reported all Marec's successes and failures to the Berella, including the meddling of the heroes, before he vanished. He was later encountered and injured at the temple of the Darkmane Brotherhood, before vanishing again. By now, he must hate the heroes.


Maria Skylight
A well protected secret of the Darkmane Brotherhood, Maria is one of very few living descendants of the mythical first Emperor. Her bloodline is expected to hold the divine powers of the Emperor who came from the stars and is ever ensured to survive to one day guide the pure and faithful. She and other holy descendants are ever moved around the human realms. After the Berella usurped the Brotherhood, Maria's divine heritage seems to be used for other means. Maria has met with Snogard and has been informed of the dangers the heroes present. She will not hesitate to eliminate those that threaten her rightful place as ruler of the world of men.


Kesht Pieter D'Serris
A captured Berella leader from a distinguished Whitehand family of Kirlan. After having tried to commit suicide, Pieter was captured by shantic warriors and placed in a Launtra Crystal Bed to be kept alive. His fate as a captive is unknown, but he most certainly hates the heroes.


Ca-Du (NGH)
The Ca-Du were the ancient guardians of many places cursed by the hated lamorri. One of these, the Island of Giants was slowly being awakened until the Next Generation by chance managed to shut down all activity. Both grateful for this assistance and hateful of the human intrusion, the Ca-Du spared them, protected them against future encounters with the lamorri ghosts but promised to cash in on their mercy in the future - in the shape of services to the Ca-Du.


The White Legion
A legion of Ca-Tra sholari and humans (and some non-humans) who have by the Ca-Shal been given limited time to prove that shantas and humans can co-exist and learn from each other


Aciloss Delamon (Esashal)
A mysterious human agent for the shantas and member of the White Legion, who proved to be the twin brother of Emperor Delamon of Haisvana. The body of this valued human Ca-Shal agent was forcefully bonded to Shal isho during his childhood and is capable of weaving some dyshas. He is also a member of the White Legion who has long ago infiltrated the Cryshell Palace in Ardoth. Friend and ally of the heroes.


Jalia (Halitra)
The Jaspian White Legion agent has worked with the heroes in Kirlan and has much respect for them. She will aid them as loyal members of the White Legion.


Horion (Hoskarra)
Another White Legion agent who owes his life to the heroes after their mission in Kirlan. Horion is loyal and a good soldier.



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