Prince Gorramar II


Prince Gorramar II is a handsome, charming, well-bred, valorous royal descendant of holy Lenkha himself. As a privileged member of the royal Kan Lenkhan family he has been groomed to rule and trained in warfare, economy, cultural hamonization and empathy as well as the sacred mysteries of the Kan Lenkhan priesthood.

After a somewhat private "discussion" with his grandfather Gorramar I, the author was sent as an emmissary to Sychill where he endured more than a year of careful tutelage under the wise Sage Kollanis of Lusail.

The author's current whereabout are somewhat diffuse as he has taken up travelling with uncout tauthers and drenns of Burdoth. But his daring sacrifice and notes through the Superior Guide provides invaluable insight into the crude barbarian lands.

Author's words

"On my journeys through the most dangerous and uncivilized parts of our continent, I've been accompanied by the so called Heroes of Lendûra. The same heroes who ten years ago returned the sacred Heart of Lenkha to my people after the foul Yorkians had stolen it during the siege of the city. But in my eyes these heroes are nothing less than a scrappy bunch of travelers, walking on a thin line between lawful citizens and brute diyorda. I say this out of respect of what they did when they “helped” our people in the past. The truth as we all know, is that Lenkha would newer allow our proud people to fall.

None of them know the different between a shirt and a tunic. They don’t carry parade armor and most appalling of all, they don’t have servants to carry what they call "their essentials". Me myself would, as any respectable man, get rid of unnecessary stuff as bandage, rope and cooking equipment whenever a servant or escort is unpractical. Something which my so called companions seem to think is almost always. In my experience servants and porters can endure a lot more with just the right amount encouragement, gems or beating.

But in my defense I have to say, that traveling through Lenkha forgotten lands such as Burdoth, would be impossible without a barbarian horde as guide."


Excerpts from the Superior Guide........

City Guide

A wonderful town. If your looking for low class prostitutes and lazy sailors trying to pick a fight with anyone above their stature, How frankly speaking is anyone not from this godforsaken part of the coast.
Even though the palace is not up to the standard we Lendûrans are use to it has a nice cottage feel to it.

Advice: Do not go wander outside the citadel walls, you may be robbed or more terrible fall in the endless waters they call sea. Do not expected to get clothes tailored, they haven’t even heard of Lendûran silk so bring your own.

Khan Lenkha shrine: NO
Lendûra emissary: Not since I left.

Bring your own servants, the thieving peasants of Gauss should not be trusted with the clippings from your nails. Which if you come this far from home probably looks terrible. I have not yet seem to find a proper pedicure or manicure specialist. If I knew this I would have brought my own Mr Pavell who comes from a long linage of nail clippers and trimmers. Pleas do visit his wonderful establishment on Parade street 451 Lendûra where you will be taken care of for just a few gems.
Buff and polish not included.

Khan Lenkhan shrine: NO
Lendûran emissary: Not since I left.





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