Jeremiah "Jer-Emiah" Gerrig Jhay

Originally an orphan of Miedrinth, Jeremiah attained a reputation as an excellent jer and a capable condrij. For his daring deeds and loyalty to Burdoth he soon attained drennship. Jeremiah has fought, tracked and cooked limilates out of most creatures of Jorune. Recently, Jeremiah was unjustly declared a shissic of Burdoth for his friendship with the notorious Lucazail.

Jeremiah's background

Jeremiah's adventures in Drail [Coming soon]

Jeremiah fights back the ramian invasion [Coming soon]

Jeremiah unjustly jailed in Ros Crendor [Coming soon]

Jeremiah and his dharlerrin [Coming soon]

Jeremiah's adventures in Hobeh [Coming soon]

Jeremiah free from the clutch of Ca-Desti [Coming soon]

Jeremiah's fights the Realm of Darkness [Coming soon]

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