Lukazail Laholahan

History according to Lukaz....
The Fiend Known as Lukaz
Strange Allegiances

History according to Lukaz....

3459 PC
Was born in Liggnie by the only human being who still invokes fear in me - my mother. People say it was a terrible night, I have no reason to believe they are lying.

3461 PC
drank my first full cup of stomeh in my mother's shenter, "The Hak-Frist".

3466 PC
KIlled my first real enemy. "Desti Heels", the cruelest, baddest most foul smelling, dharmee south of the Bedwin Dharlerrin.

3473 PC
Lost my viriginity to One Legged Sally of Liggnie. She was twice my size but full of sweet lovin'. What a mess!

3473 PC
KIlled my second real enemy. Zebastian Rusperhead, for beating me and accusing me of defiling his wife Sally. The lying, dirty bastard got what he deserved!

3473 - 3474 PC
Spent a whole stinkin year in the penal fields of the Vorin DharLerrin. Built my character my old dad used to say.

3491 PC
The death of a great hero. Killi Manjaro. He was killed fighting 20 croids single handedly in strange and foreign lands. My aunt cried so all the glasses cracked and my father was beaten senseless by my mother for indicating that it had served him right. I better get out there and earn myself some fame and fortune.......

3491 PC
Whipped the arse of some thone-hatin' Vucian priests in the name of the dharsage. It felt good. Its about time someone told 'em that the sun don't shine up their arse.
Interesting tattoos these Lunghoth have. Mayhaps its the start of a great tradition of bodily defilement?

3492 PC incident with a captive, a barrel and fine chunk of thombo steak. I don't want to talk about it.....

3494 PC
Received the crey. Me, my stupid arse believed it was a life of simra cream and thombo sausages from then on.

3494 PC
Dirty, creaking, stinky cleash. Found 'em lurkin' around the Trinnus and scarin' skittish Jers and other no-good doers. I killed 2, 10 or 40 of them at Meshka-Tra ..... I didn't think it too many.

3495 PC
Death of my mom. I'll breath easier now and sleep better, but I'll never forget her.

3496 PC
First servitude to the ramian of Ponteer. I saw something.....or met the ancient temple called "The Hell Above". What kind of ancient being was that? I learnt much about the ramian and that the ramian rochka planned to use me as communication device when the crey had grown larger than myself. This is scary stuff.......

3497 PC
Wow! Me, a Redcape! Mom wouldn't have believed it. I'm up in the rich thombo fat now, I am. Wanted me to kill a sneakin' cowardly stinkin' Jaspian first. Well, I got 'im. Even if the snivelling, stinkin' coward hid in the furthest reaches of Sillipus. Thantier here I come. I'll sort out all ya thone hating mothers of........

3498 PC
Mingled with some pirate scum and cracked some skulls. Also a midnight encounter with Mother Gobey - finest thigh wrestler in Drail.

3498 PC
I did find the long lost city of Meg-Aleisha in the inner jungles of Drail. I'll kill anyone who says otherwise or calls me a liar!

3499 PC
Bastard ramian of Drail tricked us and had us kill a Matirikiv. Now its all up shit creek. Ramian will come at Burdoth soon. Still, I want to return to the hot, festering, clavic infested South Seas again - just to rip out the eyes of Talanki Mag who branded us as ramian slaves.
Also, it was pure luck and lack of good footing that let Karuciel Tutchubar-Crey beat me in that duel. Hmmmm....the crey does seem to grow and provide more powers over time.

3499 PC
The stinkin, bone-smellin' ramian invaded Burdoth. But they tasted the Burdothian steel and fire as we drove them into the sea again. OK, so a few people died. I had fun anyway. Something bad is happeing to the ramian society. I don't like it.

3499 PC
Yuck! Got a child on our neck. A spoilt Vucian prince. At least his dad could crack some skulls. Hell, I'll teach him everything I know and show him the world. Kindness, love and carin' - that's my name.

3499 PC
Got some good advice from Choi Sterneye of Aylon how to get rid of my crey. Only need to find a victim to take my place. Any fool will do.......

3500 PC
I was given the Ramov Dharlerrin for my patriotic services to the Dharsage (me killin' Thanterian swine....) An excellent place for some wildlife extermination and flogging of toth if it wasn't for the Drenn and tauther hang-arounds.

3500 PC
Second servitude to the ramian of Ponteer. My crey had grown and I earned the rank Tutchubar-Crey. I killed Utam Gachubar-Crey, an old half-insane crey-man in mercy. Poor sod was barely human anymore and begged me to do it. That's not the way I want to end my life. They'll have to kill me before I die that way.......

3500 PC
Eeerrgghh......that slimy, two-faced, child abusing farg exkrement Kharam Allonkarb made me look bad for allowing Drailoth rebels take the southern Drailoth colony. Call me a shissic! I'll have my revenge! I'll tie his entrails to a tree. I don't care who's uncle he is.......

3502 PC
OK, so now its the Berella we want. Well we'll get thos cheatin' lying bastards and feed them their own feet. They are the cause of our exile and all the accussations. I'm not in it to save that run-down, scragger-ridden realm of Burdoth. I'm in for the revenge.

3503 PC
Its getting all fuzzy now. Its the umptieth time these lamorri ghosts or whatever they are, ride me like a schoolgirl in heat. Especially that Moira dame with the black armour skin. The crey has to go. I can't be used like a pawn......oh no here she comes again......yes, my sweet mistress.....

3504 PC
Chew on that worm brain! I swiched my crey with one of the lamorri possessed. Cut his legs off first. Serves him right for killin' Mojjk. Left him as evid bait. Better get out of here before the shorroc evid return. Typical of Snogard to let something that big and bad out.....

3405 PC
Stinkin' sword, stinkin cleash, stinkin caji freaks, stinkin Erucians. It wasn't my fault! If the stupid sodding pirate scum hadn't trapped his shantic battle sword in the first place, we wouldn't have had to get a crypt on our head and gotten ourself nailed upon a Vojecis statue. I'm tired of this shit! I'm tired of being weak, drunk and slow as an old man. The loss of the beagre infested crey has made me look bad. Let me rape some skulls......

The Fiend Known as Lukazail

By fadri Stanro Golo-Sor of Rolo-Gator

The boccord specimen of Lukazail Laholahan is a very good study in raw violence, the inherent foulness of humanity and the Law of Evolution by Brutality.

Probably abused from an early age, Lukazail spread terror among his fellow comrades as he grew up. Believing only in violence and of an extremly cruel nature and unforgiving, it was a miracle that Lukazail was not executed at the age of 10.

Being extremely vengeful and cruel, suspicious and proud, it is hard to understand how this dangerous condrij was ever given his drennship. But this he did acheive, providing him with power to endulge further into his dangerous habits.

Despite his mental flaws, Lukazail has acheived great feats of bravery and possesses more knowledge about the ramian, shanta and the mostly unknown extinct lamorri than any other Drenn.

Only Tra knowns whether his destructive and cruel nature will allow him a long life with all body parts intact.

NOTE: Please study the fascinating anatomy of this boccord (what is left of it...). Clearly shaped entirely for violence and cruelty. Most probably born during a Desti constellation or near a source of strong Desti isho.

Warning - Be Aware - Persona non Grata

If you ever see a 2,20 m 150 kg heavy, ugly, bald boccord condrij with a foul breath, worn eyepatch and gritty, harsh voice - stay way well away.

The middle-aged widow-maker, women-ravisher and dog-abuser known as Lukazail can easily be recognised by his many ugly scars, oversized spiky armour, huge backpack, multitude of maiming weapons and his countless medallions, amulets, trophies and teeth hanging around his neck. He might seem to think things over at first glance, but will always swing his warflail in the end until skulls are broken.

If not considering yourself as some kind of morbid sacrifice to whatever gods you worship, flee and report him to the nearest yords capable of incapacitating the brute...
.......if you dare.

Rumour has it that he is in charge of a Dharlerrin somewhere in the Gauss Valley.
I pray to Launtra to watch over the poor female livestock.

Anonymous Victims of Pointless Violence

Strange Allegiances

Only a select few people can say that they swear fealty to more than one lord or ruler. This would most often be our beloved Dharsage and a favoured deity of their choice.

However, Drenn Lukazail Laholahan is a rare example of many and often changing allegiances. Although nothing ever has been proved, allegations abound that Drenn (former shissic) Lukazail Laholahan has served among the feared Redcapes, as well as the secluded and mystical shantas. Despite his visage as a cruel and merciless killer (a strange reputation that seems to have sprung out of nowhere...), Lukazail has acquired arcane skills and knowledge in the arts of Dharsage Silver, shantic technology and anthropology.

Although Lukazail could have become the perfect trouble-shooting, expendable patriot of Burdoth, further rumours led people to believe that he also served foul ramian masters in Ponteer and their sinister plans. It must also have been a coincidence that Lukazail returned from Ponteer just shortly before the ramian invaded Burdoth for the second time this century.
Some have even implied that Lukazail served fouler masters than the ramian rochka and pointed to things

that moved unseen in the primal darkness.

Even though these rumours of course are not true, Lukazail furthermore managed to get himself involved in the rebellion of southern Drailoth and was at one time associated with several rebel leaders. As a result, Burdoth lost control over much valuable colonial assets which still is in the hands of the dirty, coronian rebel scum.

Now Lukazail might have been declared a shissic for this deed and accusations might have surfaced about his involvment in the death of the dharsages beloved eldest son, Aleyksander Dhardrenn. But this clearly must have been a misunderstanding, as Lukazail was swiflty restored to Drenn status when he returned hom with Fire bombing, flying airships from some lost valley in the Thodic Mountains.

Now, running amok in our neighbouring realm of Heridoth and most certainly improving diplomatic relations, we must ask ourselves:
Is this the Drenn we want to use as a symbol of our proud and noble nation?

Drennit Basarin Yodsson of Monerey


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