Mojjk...just Mojjk


Thing that have happened and stuff.....
Other things that happened and stuff......
Other Stuff......


Things that have happened and stuff...

So you want my story...

Well, since I suffer from an extremely bad memory, it's a bit hard.

It's also a bit strange, because lately I have had the ability to remember certain things very good. Not, like almost everything, but EVERYTHING. I can remember each and every little detail I have seen.

It all started when I fell a long distance, to a certain death, so I thought. But then I awoke again and felt.... different. Something happened in this strange cave. And this strange little fellow that is now accompanying us on our travels. I haven't given it much thought though. I don't think too much.

My companions have told me stories, strange bizarre things about me, but I'm sceptic. Hmmm, maybe I should look more into it sometime. At least I'm alive and happy for it.

I think I'm a bit more careful nowadays. Well, I have some scars. OK, maybe not just some, more a lot of scars. Not as pretty as I used to be, not that I was very pretty, but I definitely looked better than this. Though it doesn't matter much, not too many good looking ladies where we set our feet anyway.

Maybe I could find someone and settle down one day. Nah, I would probably miss the travelling life and set off on some new foolish adventure.


I've been to the lost city of Meg-Aleisha by the way. Though no one believes us when we talk about it, so we don't do that much anymore. It's was nice, a real experience, maybe a bit overrated though. We didn't get much with us from there, besides some new scars.

Just Mojjk? Well it's just Mojjk. I never knew my parents and was raised by condrij travelling the world fighting, leaving parts of our bodies and soles as we went. I was always addressed as Mojjk, never anything else.

I have never missed a second name, or third. I have one and everybody knows me by that, so what's the big deal. I've been around, seen the most parts of our world, not all, but many.

The schisic thing? Well we did our best and I think it's a long row of misunderstandings. It will be hard to explain though. Some son of some great leader died while we were trying to rescue him from his kidnappers. Hiring us from the beginning maybe wasn't the best idea. But that wasn't my call. Sometime, well most of the time, we do things a bit crude. And this time it went really wrong.

So maybe I'm a bad person, not deserving to live in Burdoth. But it's a large world so I'll manage.

Come to think about it, I've seen many strange things. There was this dead guy, Jason, we looked for everywhere and finally found him. I can't remember what the big fuss was about, but I suppose it just left us some new, fresh scars. It's was quite cool though.

Yeah, and then we roamed the seas, looking for this fellow Toroc Dhar and his treasure. We stole his old swords and fought pirates on large seas. We teamed up with the water-people who had a hard time with the pirates, killed their kin and so. We even went to a secret floating pirate city - Cyracas, but I suppose no one will believe us on this one either.

Lost a couple of good guys and friends in some tomb there at the end. A pity. You always get sad when someone checks out of this world. A proper place to die in though, a tomb.

We've messed a lot with Dreamlords along the way. Nasty business that is. I'll rather not talk about it. Gives me a creepy feeling, not that I'm scared though.

I'd rather talk about the Shantas. Strange guys, not only to the looks - you should never judge anyone by their looks. You never know if they are friend or foe.

Sometimes they are your friends, when we have helped them - we also do good things sometimes you know. And sometimes they just want to see you off this world. And they are divided into different clans, and you can't tell which, at least not until it's too late. Some are like always hostile, and some are more friendly in their nature. We even got to join some sort of Shanta legion. Not too bad I guess.

Oh, yes, we were some place far away and acted as the head of some region, trying to establish some stability to the region. It became more stable, but the overall result wasn't good. Really bad to be honest.

Was it maybe here the shissic stuff came from, or was it the son that died? Or was it both?
Well I'll probably find that out if I ever set foot in Burdoth again.

We have travelled high mountains, vast plains, dense jungles, dry deserts, in cold, in rain, in heat, in dry, yes, in every weather imaginable. We even spent a large amount of time imprisoned in a cold crith place. That wasn't the best time of my life. I think that was a misunderstanding too.

We must be like the most misunderstood group of people in this world.

And of course, we have been on the floating lumps of earth that are somewhat common in this planet.

We never travelled outside the planet, haha! But who could? That's a funny thought, leaving the planet, impossible.

We have warped though, tickles a bit, but is fast travel. The destinations always seem a bit uncertain though. Well I could tell you thousands of more stories, but now I have to continue my travels.

Liar! Me?! No, it's all true!

Other things that happened and stuff..........

Hi! Yeah hello! It's me again.

We are back now. From the icefields of Gilmoth or something. You know, way out in the north. Once again we stumbled into a warp and, bang, then we were at the end of the world - literally.

We lost a friend, well two friends. A little muadra with a huge bag on his back (or if it's a huge bag with a little maudra underneath it, we really don't know.) He was really good,
Snogard as he's called (among other things). Our new maudra isn't nearly as good as he is (or was).
The other "friend" was a stack of shantic artifacts that Snogard was carrying. Why do we never learn? Never take all the glittering treasure and give the priceless artefacts to the muadra.
Well, I have been carrying around approx 8 kilos of pearls, so not all was lost. But they are heavy, a couple of clusters doesn't weigh nearly that much.

How the Icefields were? Well they were... icy. The cleash live there you know. With scarmis, in large underground complex of caverns and warps. Ugly place. We escaped with a bunch of other folk held prison by the cleash. And of course they didn't like it.....the cleash I mean...

So now we've been walking mile after mile in snow and ice. Never been freezing like
this. Well maybe when we spent a year in prison (innocent of course, all a
misunderstanding - I'm not lying!!!).

Well, we "borrowed" one of the strange ships from the cleash, and managed to cut our way through the ice, just to end up on some lousy island (Rainy Island I think it was called), with only raw fish to eat. The cleash on the neighbouring island weren't a warming thought.

After a week or so, someone got the bright idea to cook the fish before eating it. Clever. God I miss "used to cook for Pirates". He could make an old leather sole taste good.

Well, thanks to some heroic sailors who fooled death and managen to get help, we managed to get back to somewhat more civiliesed areas. There was a lot of celebrating, and we were regarded as heroes for a change. No one wanting to see our bodyparts spread across the lands. A nice change.

For a while we were heading for Burdoth, but I'm not sure I'll like their welcome party, so
I'm a bit relieved to see that we are once again going back to were we came from, on new mysterious shantic missions.

Maybe we will be able to find this strange fellow Snogard and our treasure? If he hasn't sold everything already and invested the money in some ill-advised suspect business that is. In that case I'm sure there are a lot of things that needs taking care of.

Ohhh, my party is leaving. Have to run.... Later!!!

Other Stuff....

Wooh, a lot of things has happened since we got together last.

The entire group is back together and a (foolish) visit to Burdoth resulted in the removal of our shissic status. It was a close shave though. We could just as well have been with the gods right now. But somehow we managed to clear our names. But they are still suspicious, so we got some nasty nano-probes inserted in our blood-stream and if we just breath in the wrong direction - boom! - the probes explode and were gone.
It works though, my allegiance to Burdoth has grown much stronger.

They also sent us east, to Heridoth to continue our investigation of the Berella. Find proof and observe, were our orders.

Observe, yeah right, we can't even spell it. Joining us was also Preko, the good lad. He himself had interrest in supporting his Whitehand house (not a building that is falling down, the entire thing, with relatives and all, you understand) in times of trouble.

Well, we did our best, as usual, but failed, again. During a large convention, something with a wheel, some people were poisoned and a large fight broke out, which led to a smaller war in the city. Many died in vain. And of course, our ugly faces turned up in the wrong places.

So, Prekos house didn't gain much on that, rather the other way around, and now has more enemies than ever. Parallell to doing this we kept on with our search for the Berrella. It seems that the highest priest in this town has something to do with them.

Many strange things are happening right now. Two armies are marching to meet in the north (well that's not so strange), but the fact that a huge amount of isho is gathering on the coming battlefield is disturbing. We suspect a Thosk, a large mean Shantic gun, is involved in this.

There are also rumours about a hero coming from the north with a blue sword or something. Well it wasn't us, I'll tell you that.

Also the people in the east are moving, battleships are heading for the city from the north, the high priest has a stolen shantic artefact, an enormous crystal of unknown powers, stolen from a Ca-Tra temple in the mountains, in the highest tower of his temple. And on top of all this we got into a fight with a red shanta just the other day.
They really are powerful, we were in it deep, but managed to survive with a collection of burns and a Snogard in coma.

Good muadra friends managed to free him from some Desti-fire burning inside him, or something. What kind of ill thing that may be. The way of the isho is for those who understand it.

What do you make of all this?

I can only see trouble coming up, the armies are marching and all we can do for know is wait in the city and observe...

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