Our friend Khaine

We have a friend...well we call him our friend when he's around.

He's biased, prejudiced, grumpy and cowardly but we keep him around since he's a kimmit of Gauss....and the dharsage pays us to keep him happy.

But now the dharsage is dead......

Khaine is not all there....actually some parts of him are missing. Not really fallen off due to groin rot or limb withering, but rather hacked off by ramian or bitten off by corondon.

But we like him anyway and the gang wouldn't be the same without grumpy, complaining Khaine.

Oh...he's our leader by the way. Nobody takes the blam.....honour better than him.


Khaine - as portaited by the
famous painter M. Ojjk

Other people who know Khaine:

Caji Karetta
I never trusted Khaine. He always looked sideways at me when we journeyed to mythical Meg-Aleisha. Then, before I had chance to react, he pushed me off a shantuc elevator - just because of some dysha flinging evid.

Rhakolmon Rasec Turgerin
I don't believe Khaine was ever part of the stupid plan to rescue Sagin Aleyksander. No sane educated man would ever agree to such idiocy and simple-mindedness. There are plenty of letters from Khaine anyway, pinning the blame on the others.

S. Nogard
I'm not sure if Khaine likes me. He says nasty things that make me upset. But sometimes at night he sleeps real close.....

Drenn Tanja DharNevic of Salam'arine
It must be a coincidence that my kind, child-loving, charitable, beloved late husband met an early and untimely death - just before Khaine assumed his position as kimmit to the Sage of Gauss.

Khaines mère était un hamster et son père odeurs de baies de sureau

Kesht Varukka Kellit
Khaine? Who's Khaine!?

Anonymous busty barbarian priestess
You have to look hard to find a softer man than Khaine

K. J. O'Hennon
si post fata venit gloria non propero
Veni, vidi, territus sum, curcurri!

Things I lost and want back (finders fee 1 gemlink)

My eye
My dignity
My forearm
My laser rifle
My innocence
My pal the Dharsage
My assassinated mum
My three lost years in herris
My pre-shissic honourable reputation



Have you seen Khaine's Little Lazer Rifle?
Contact Jer-emiah Gerrig for safe transferal.
NOTE: will settle for a field ram

Khaine - what went wrong - a pyskological analysis
by Torrid Go-Homo

Khaine is a typical lone child who evidently didn't get beaten enough by his father. Maybe his father was a lumberjack and liked to dress in....

Khaine is vengeful, selfish (shellfish?), proud and most importantly - a coward!

His hatred for non-humans and muadra in particular is clearly a sign of penis-envy-like beaviour focused on muadra. Khaine simply wants to be a muadra.

He should be confined indefinately in a herris for his own safety.

Stultus est sicut stultus facit

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