Preko Dos Kebeshane

Berella report V499 on Preko Dos Kebeshane, heir to House Kebeshane


Preko is the firstborn son of the ruler of House Kebeshane - Kesht Markin Dos Kebeshane - in 3477 PC. Being one of the smallest eleven Whitehand houses of the Wheel, House Kebeshane has always relied on diplomacy, mediation skills and a careful selection of alliances with both other houses and the temples. All house marriages are to elevate house status and gain political advantages. As with the greater houses, nobody born into a Whitehand family can control his own destiny.

Preko seems to have been raised to be the next house leader and we have found evidence of many strict tutors and mentors who guided his early years. Even his mother Trine Dos Kebeshane seems to have raised him to be strong and somewhat distanced from emotions than could cloud his judgment as house leader. From the age of fourteen, Preko served in the forces of his and other allied houses, namely House Harimork and House Makkelthorp. The ties between House Kebeshane and these houses are strong and the sons of Kebeshane have as far as we know never failed a summons to war from their allies.

In accordance with proud and somewhat foolhardy Heridothian martial traditions, the military career was tough and left Preko with a hardened and older appearance than necessary.

Preko also has two younger brothers, Gopy and Durko, as well as an older sister Prisia.
The youngest brother, Gopy has just begun his military career within House Kebeshane's forces.
The second oldest brother, Durko seemed to have showed a greater ambition and aptitude for Whitehand and temple politics, and only served the house forces for a minimal amount of two years. He now works for the high priest of the Temple of Bathor as a clerk and advisor.
Prisia is still unmarried and refuses to marry any of the candidates her father presents. What few know is that Prisia is secretly in love with Jonis Akarth, the second son of House Akarth. As House Akarth belongs to the rivalling Sholis League of houses, a tragedy seems to be at hand.

For more information about Preko's siblings, see their respective reports V501, V502 and V506 .

After having served long and gained much military experience, Preko was finally appointed the captain of the House Guard. He is liked by his men and has until now served impeccably. There seems to be no disgraceful deeds or bad habits or vices.

The last two years Preko has been engaged for marriage to Lovika Makkelthorp, firstborn daughter of Kesht Wordha Makkelthorp. Before Yasynputa, the High Priestess of Siiris, Preko has sworn a vow of Lovers Devotion and chastity.

Although it is evident that this marriage to a strong, allied house would strengthen house Kebeshane, it also seems that Preko's infatuation with the Makkelthorp daughter began during his servitude there.
His love for Lovika is Preko's main weakness.

The last year Preko has been absent from Koistra and presumably Heridoth. His father will only say that he is attending matters elsewhere.

His intervention with the Grand Plan has greatly disturbed us. We fear that he may be seeking allies against us elsewhere.

We class him as a Desti Pawn.

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