Tavar Brinko

Tavar's background

An early crith morning 3482, a small boy was born to Alvia Brinko of Yobrey, Lundere. Alvia lived in the poor parts of the human quarters, making a living as a prostitute and had never wished for a son. She did not know who the father could be and, in reality, did not care. Nevertheless, she cared for the baby boy and named him Tavar after her father. 

But, when Tavar was a year old, Alvia's habits of heavy drinking, dubious work and involvement in the seedier parts of the human society of Yobreh has started to threaten the life of little Tavar. After Alvia had neglected the screaming and hungry boy for more than two days, the woffen of the neighbourhood decided it was time to do something. As children are few among the woffen, they are cherished by all and cared for. Seeing a mother not caring for a child was unheard of and could not be tolerated. It was deemed that Alvia was in no state to care for a younger life.
Late that night, the woffen elders made their way into Alvia's house and took the boy away from her. Alvia was home at the time but was mentally distanced from the whole event - as if she did not care what happened. Rumours state that she awoke many days later from her nightmarish life and ran through the streets howling

Tavar's name, but to no avail. Whatever the truth was, it is not known to Tavar. Alvia died when Tavar was three years old and he has no memory of her.

The kind woffen that had taken care of Tavar were poor and simple people. They did not have much, but they shared their lives with the happless young human and raised him the best they could. Tavar grew among the woffen and learnt their ways. He ran the streets of Aylon with the woffen children, hunted pibber among the alleys and fought with teeth and claws like everyone else.

As Tavar grew, his life became more and more violent. He became involved with the githerins of Yobreh and started to run errands for them or "working the crowds" in the streets for money (pick-pocketing, stealing and hustling mostly). What seemed to await Tavar was, an often short, career as a diyorda of Aylon. Fate, however, had other plans.

During Tavar's 15th mullin a ship entered Aylon's harbour. Onboard was Tavar's only remaining relative - uncle Falkem Johnom, whom had travelled all the twelve seas of Jorune. He had returned home only to find his sister dead and her baby boy raised by woffen. Falkem pitied the boy and decided to "rescue" him from his githerin fate. Just before the ship set sail again, Falkem paid some of his comrades well to club the boy senseless and bring him onboard the ship. Therefore, with a roaring headache, Tavar awoke at sea, already far from home.

During the following two years Tavar travelled between the civilised realms with his uncle and learnt the respectable trade of a sailor (which -it turned out - had quite a few similarities with his previous occupation.)

One fine eris day, Falkem and Tavar found themselves left behind in Ardoth with little money in their pockets. Despite being hungover, the pair managed to get themselves aboard a new ship. This time they served on an exploratory ship bound for Hobeh. Its mission - to seek the mysterious ruins of the deep Hobeh desert. Tavar's life changed that day, as he joined a fearless band of travelling condrij and adventurers. Abandoning his life as a sailor, Tavar has since that day seen many wondrous and terrible things, such as the forbidden shantic cities of Hobeh, the closed lands of Ros Crendor, the colonies of Drail, the wilds of Temauntro, the fury of the eelshon she-evid and the terror of the Dreamlords. He has proved himself to be a cunning and fearless condrij - with a streak of githerin in him.

Tavar's Impressive list of scars

Left ear missing - a scrappy street fight, aged 12.

Bite & claw marks over body - Cub fights.

Huge scar across left elbow - acid cleash capsule

Long scar across stomach - deep sword wound.

Scar across neck - sword wound, close decapitiation.

Severly gnarled scrotum - Raldin lion attack

Pox marks on arms and face - actually klavic bites.

Visible veins, right arm - messy, overdosed healing

Red spots on hand and neck - messy overdosed healing.

Left forearm severed - Swordbearer attack.

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